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Hey Fam! Over the next 6 weeks, we are going to be walking through a behind-the-scenes look at my new book, She Hears: Learning to Listen to Jesus. If you haven’t heard, She Hears is my newest book, a Bible Study that takes a look at the relationships between Jesus and 6 women in His life.

“In this six-week study from the Book of John, Rachael Groll takes you on an in-depth exploration into the lives of six women Jesus knew. Women often deal with feelings of insecurity and unworthiness, yet the lives of these women show that Jesus values us, wants a relationship with us, and can use us to further His kingdom. In her warm, conversational style, Rachael ties together her life experience, knowledge of the Scriptures, and her compassion for women to encourage us and enable us to become the women God has called us to be. “

Throughout the podcast series, we will take a look at the heart behind each chapter, some of the things I didn’t share in the book, and an overview of how the lives of the women are relevant to us today. You can look forward to:

Week 1- Mary, Mother of Jesus, A Woman of Authority

Week 2- Samaritan Woman at the Well, A Woman of Testimony

Week 3- Woman, A Woman of Forgiveness

Week 4- Martha, A Woman of Assertiveness

Week 5- Mary of Bethany, A Woman of Discipleship

Week 6- Mary Magdalene, A Woman of Response

You do not have to do the Bible Study to follow the podcasts, but these would be a great supplement if you are. Check out today’s episode on Mary, Mother of Jesus as we look at what it means to be a Woman of Authority.

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A FREE SAMPLE of She Hears is available on the Warner Press website and can be found here:

She Hears is available for purchase on the Warner Press website, on Amazon: or wherever books are sold.

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