The Jerusalem Post talks like a headless chicken

As usual, no apologetics for the inexcusable here

This expression generally means that someone chatters. Just like a decapitated bird, for some time, still can run around and make noises. (My excuses for the gruesome picture.) And that’s what we see from this formerly prestigious newspaper. Just like in the proverbial almost dead fowl, there is a JPost website with ‘news’ and a print edition in Israel. Still, some people write for it, most of it is total nonsense. The sporadic excellent author sees his writings disempowered by the JPost mad header, a person determined to misrepresent articles in only a few words. But the worst of it is that no one seems in charge anymore. Some organs still function but without overview by anyone. And it shows. I’ll name four areas.

Medical Nonsense

There is money in healthcare. But not enough. So, the JPost launched a special Health and Wellness section in cooperation with an Israeli hospital.

Not one decent article among the dozens it carried so far. Often proper logic and English are absent. But worse, established or novel nonsense is published freely. No one with common sense, let alone some medical knowledge, checks their postings. The idea is not to inform us. It mixes entertainment and advertising. But why would a newspaper or a hospital think to rise in stature by publishing medical nonsense? They count on us not knowing anything and believing everything printed. No more!

The hospital that promotes this nonsense might be bad for your health.

Christian and Jewish Nonsense

Most money sits in Christians interested in Israel. So, the JPost started a special section with articles aimed at them. Unfortunately, it’s all trash.

I feel bad that proper, humble, sincere Christians are represented like that.

Every day, several pieces are published that flatter Christians and won’t address anything that could upset them but would be useful information.

Clearly, what Israeli Jews need to tell (most of) the world’s Christians is:
1. Don’t huddle with us, but eradicate Antisemitism in the Churches.
2. Stop ‘blessing’ and preaching to us. Learn from us, to update your faith.
3. Do visit Israel, but mind you, this is not your kosher Disneyland.

Instead—you guessed it—the JPost conveys the exact opposites of this.

And then, coupled with flattery and approval to parade Christian arrogance.

I don’t mind Christians visiting us as long as they behave as guests, not as the imperialist owners. I would like them to visit as a way to get closer to Jews, not just to Jesus. I don’t want them to give non-kosher sweets to my children because they have done away with the laws on food. I would like them to dress up to Jewish norms, especially when visiting Jerusalem and other religious Jewish settlements. I would like them to shut up about their beliefs and listen to us and learn from us. But, before they visit, I would like them to commit to removing all Antisemitism from all the Churches in their country. To hate the Jews must become the antithesis of being a Christian.

Note that the Christian organization that helps the JPost with this section, openly and prominently, brazenly and arrogantly, opens its slick website with the assurance that their toil and supporting them make the miracle of the Zionism come true. “Since 1908, working to create the miracle of Israel and the Jewish People”! Mind you: no G^d or Jews involved!

There seems no one at the JPost left who knows anything about Judaism. This week it managed to explain the word Shechinah as ‘spirit.’ For Jews, it means the Divine Presence. Only in the Trinity, it means the Holy Ghost.

No More LGBTQ Awareness

Some US Jewish-LGBTQ leaders and friends organized an out-of-touch knee-jerk declaration against Ben Gevir. Surely, his intolerance should be intolerable in a democracy. But, instead of leaving Israeli democracy to the Jews here, they had to mind our business, instead of going after the loud prominent Jewish and Gentile homophobes the USA certainly doesn’t lack.

They were even dishonest enough to only attack him for his racism but not his Gay-hatred, and to present themselves only as ‘prominent rabbis.’

While the Israeli street and mind are red from terrorist attacks (14 deaths so far, mostly Jews), they set out to blame the war crimes of the junta in Gaza on … a Jew. Just like sexists blame rape on a victim’s dress code.

Even Haaretz, the world’s most famous haters of truth, Zionism, and Ben Gevir, were sensitive enough not to publish blaming a Jew for Antisemitic terrorist attacks during a terror wave in Israel and while a Russian dictator fights a sickening war of aggression against fellow-democratic Ukraine.

If this unholy assembly knew what was going on, it could have quoted the telling Thursday’s news that a 15-year old girl volunteering at Gevir’s anti-Gay group went to the police alleging repeated sexual harassment by one of the homophobe staffers. That is old news. Our Sages already identified sexual immorality in those screaming the loudest about others’ perversions.

OK, they’re far-way, uninformed idiots. But who in Israel would publish such a tone-deaf JTA article? Only the JPost. Not even Haaretz. No one left with a brain. Anything goes. This is on top of them losing their frontrunner position on LGBTQ to the Times of Israel a few months ago. So sad.

Maybe this is prompted by its attempt to woo more Christian readers?

Mouthpiece of the Palestinian Authority

Always pretending to critically follow the PA, in fact, it disseminates the PA’s outlook and lies. All under the disguise of reason and reasonable, the formerly Palestinian Post will always tell us exactly and only what terrorist leader and dictator ‘President’ Abbas wants us to hear.

A terrible example came yesterday. The last two terrorist attacks were claimed by Fatach, the terrorist faction of Abbas. They are the ‘moderates’ playing good cop bad cop with the numerous other factions. “A terrorist murdered him?” “Yeah, but by a moderate one.” “What a relief.”

Abbas’ party celebrating murdering Jews is hard to spin. It took a week but yesterday it was in. It proclaims that the last murderer was ‘not known to be of Fatach.’ A totally irrelevant fact to obscure the truth. Fatach in Jenin has just claimed the murder, as another reliable news outlet just confirmed. And, these murders are wildly popular among the peaceful populous.

But, why would a Jewish, Israeli, Zionist newspaper spew PA propaganda? The answer is simple. No brains aboard. They have no idea. They believe all the apologetics, gloat over the ‘critical tone defending democracy,’ and don’t know that the real facts are withheld or minimized.


You can find my dismissive comments under most of the JPost articles. Because, different from most Israeli publications, from ultra-left to the center to ultra-right, they still allow comments by me. This, of course, because anyone who writes and reads comments enlarges the time spent on their site and that is big bucks for them. And they seem to know that there is no such thing as a bad press. But I tell you, unfortunately, there is.

After a few days, the ToI finally decided not to allow this post on their site. “We’re declining to provide a platform for this criticism of the JPost. Please address your concerns to their editor.” That’s surely a break with the past.