Bridge Day Tract Appointment by Roger Pauley - Enjoying the Journey

For Christ also hath once suffered for sins, the just for the unjust, that he might bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh, but quickened by the Spirit:” – 1 Peter 3:18

While serving as Pastor of Cranberry Baptist Church, I volunteered as a chaplain for a local hospital. Several years ago, I received a call to visit a patient, requesting a chaplain. I recall walking into the patient’s room and introducing myself to the young man. Without knowing the reason for his admission to the hospital, I began chatting with him. I was cautious in my conversation but asked him if he would like me to pray with him. He was very receptive, and I asked him about his church background, and if he knew Christ as his personal Savior. 

Our church has several tracts but the most well-received is our Bridge Day tract. I took it from my pocket showed him the picture of the bridge on the front and began sharing the facts of the bridge. I explained that the purpose of any bridge is to span a point of separation. Most people desire to go to heaven when they die, but our sin separates us from God. As I continued to share the gospel with this young man, he acknowledged his need for the Saviour. In that hospital room, he bowed his head and asked Christ to come into his heart.

We continued talking for several minutes. As I prepared to leave, he asked me this question: “Do you know why I am here?” I told him that, as a chaplain, I respect the rights and confidentiality of patients and therefore do not receive that information. He became emotional and held up the tract I gave him. He told me his story:

The previous night he had come to the end of himself. While driving across the New River Gorge Bridge, he stopped his car and prepared to jump off the bridge. Thankfully, someone called 911 and the police intervened. He was then transported to this local hospital to receive help. He continued by saying “It is amazing that the very place I was going to end my life, you give me a picture of that same place, and I made this decision to accept Christ and have eternal life.” As I began to leave, my new brother thanked me for coming. God had done something wonderful!

Never forget what Christ has done to bring you salvation – to bridge the gap between you and God. Seek to share this truth with someone else today, because you never know how God can use you!

Roger Pauley served as the pastor of Cranberry Baptist Church for 33 years. He and his faithful wife, Marcia, now travel with Enjoying the Journey to minister and encourage pastors and churches all over the country.

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