Goyim will not replace us

This headline is a bit of a shocker, as, at the infamous, iconic Charlottesville rally (see the clip), the supremacists scanted: Jews will not replace us.

However, compare: Black is beautiful, and: White is beautiful. Or: More power to women, and: More power to men. Or: BLM, and: WLM.

The first of each set is liberating, the second is reactionary bigotry.

For millennia and counting, many Christians claimed to be the new Jews. Their proof that G^d had abandoned us was the mistreatment that we underwent. Never mind that they perpetrated that abuse. Vile Christianity was defeated at its great downfall, the Holocaust, but has not ended there.

But, Two-thousand years have proven: Gentiles will not replace us.

Trump, QAnon, and their ilk have popularized a new, widespread hate-grown idea: Non-Whites will invade the West and by their sheer number will replace Whites, and our culture, language, faith, etc. Truth is that if you let them integrate, their cultures will only enrich the West.

Now, groups of Black supremacists hold: Whites are inferior and Jews even more so. The Holocaust never happened, and Jews did the slave trade.

Well, I’m way beyond making up excuses for Jews who spread and justify Antisemitism. I’m well beyond making up excuses for Poles (who suffered a lot under the Nazis) who spread and justify Antisemitism. And, I’m far beyond making up excuses for Blacks who spread and justify Antisemitism. Especially when that infighting is spread around by White supremacists.

It used to be that US WASPs played Blacks and Jews against each other. Then you can easily work for peace by showing that both oppressed groups, in fact, infight, and let the Arians win. But, heavily oppressed people turned oppressors, they must be stopped. Killers are killers.

In fact, when you don’t condemn this, you don’t take these Blacks at their word, which is racist. BTW: Don’t extend this to the Black Hebrews in Dimona, Israel. They are the sweetest, G^d-fearing, vegetarian people.

But the US Black Hebrews do a couple of things right. They highlight the wickedness of all Christian supremacy and Antisemitism, and they show yet again that from whatever corner Jew-hatred comes, left or right, White or Black, African or Arabian, and Christian or Muslim: condemn it.

As long as we collude with Antisemitism, no group can be liberated.

A tree is known by its fruit. Only this tree has quite a variety of produce, so please don’t judge the trunk after one helping.
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