Small Changes That Could Make A Big Difference To Your Wellbeing

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When it comes to improving our health and well-being, everything can feel so overwhelming! We know what the ‘right’ things to do are, but struggle with making the changes consistently. Thankfully, there are some small changes that could make a big difference in our lives.

In this collaborative post, we’ll continue our theme of the week: improving our health with easy, simple steps. If you haven’t already, take a look at my last post, “4 Quick & Easy Ways To Be A Fitter and Healthier You.”

small changes that could make a big difference for your well-being

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Very few people feel great all of the time. Our overall health and well-being go through peaks and valleys, even if our mental health is generally quite stable.

At the moment, it is particularly challenging to maintain a sense of well-being with the ongoing Corona-virus pandemic sweeping the world. Our lives have been turned upside down, and with that can come enormous amounts of stress, uncertainty, disruptive schedule changes, and anxiety.

As we work on letting go of what we can’t control, there are some things we can control to improve our day to day lives, and health status.

Small Changes That Could Make A Big Difference In How You Feel

I hope you will take these simple reminders as my way of sending love and well wishes your way. After all, I value each and every one of you. I’d like to see you stick around – as whole, happy, blessed, and fulfilled as you can be!

Make Sleep A Priority

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For some reason, we don’t give sleep the importance and recognition that it deserves. Sometimes, when it feels like everything is falling apart, a good night of restful sleep can do wonders.

We sometimes feel like we have many more important things to do than sleep – work, clean, socialize, and so on, but when we are exhausted, we are less productive, so it really is something to make a priority.

Aim for at least eight hours of sleep every night. Put a strict sleep routine into place. Turn off all screens at least an hour before bed, and do not consume caffeine past lunchtime if you are sensitive to it. Try to go to bed and get up at the same time every day.

Work with your body’s natural sleep rhythm, when possible, to ensure you are getting the right amount of sleep. We are all individuals. You may feel fantastic with 6 hours of sleep, and for me, I’d be a useless zombie!

Have trouble falling asleep like I do? Consider trying a melatonin supplement such as MidNite. It’s an all-natural supplement that helps reset your sleep schedule. It is my personal go-to sleep aid each and every night.

Tip: Curious what your optimum amount of sleep is? On days when you have nowhere to be, make sure your alarm is turned off. Go to bed at a comfortable hour. Allow your body to naturally awaken. How many hours did you sleep? Do those numbers stay consistent each time you try? If so, you’ve probably found your ideal hours of shut eye!

I am someone who needs roughly 10-12 hours of sleep to feel my best. To protect my health, I’ve had to make some sacrifices in order to get enough rest. It hasn’t been easy, but it has been worth it. You’ll find you feel like a completely different person, for the better.

Know Your Nutrients

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We all know what we should be eating for good health, as we discussed in the last post. But, it can be difficult to get all the elements of a balanced diet every day. This is especially true when we are pressed for time. We grab unhealthy snacks or eat comfort food to cheer us up.

Try swapping out sweet snacks for a bunch of fresh, colorful fruit and veggies, nutrient-packed nuts, refined wheat for whole grains, and swap carbonated and sugary drinks for water.

Have ‘quick grab’ healthy foods on hand. It’s much easier to maintain our health goals if we have nutritious options for moments when we simply don’t feel like fooling with anything else!

Quick tip: Try homemade kale chips. I take my shredded kale, place it on a baking sheet, and lightly drizzle it with my favorite cooking oil. (What you use is up to you! It’s usually olive oil here) I then sprinkle a little sea salt and some other favorite spices to taste. Bake in the oven on 350* for around 10 to 15 minutes. The kale chips should feel crispy with browned edges. They are delicious and nutritious!

It’s also important to know if you are deficient in any key vitamins, minerals, or amino acids. Blood tests can help you find out what you are in need of. Vitamins and supplements are also available in all forms to give you an extra boost should you need it – check out sites such as to see what they have to offer.

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Tossing Out The Toxins

When we are feeling low, it’s easy to seek out toxic things to ‘pick us up.’ It could be excessive alcohol, cigarette smoking, drugs, sugary foods, fast food diets, or sedentary lifestyles sat in front of the TV for far too long, just to name a few!

Swapping out our bad habits for healthier ones are definitely small changes that could make a BIG difference. It may be increasing our exercise; it may be picking up the phone and calling a friend when we are tempted to return to old, unhelpful patterns.

For me, it’s taking my burdens, worries, fears and anxieties to the Lord in prayer. When the load feels too heavy – I’m probably carrying something I was never created to carry.

Pour out all your worries and stress upon him and leave them there, for he always tenderly cares for you

1 Peter 5:7 (TPT)

What’s the first habit that comes to mind you could easily start changing today? Start there. Every small victory leads to major battles won over time.

What Are Your Thoughts?

In the grand scheme of things, these changes are quite small and relatively easy to put into place. However, the positive impact they can have on your physical health, and your emotional wellbeing can be huge. Try them out and see how you feel.

What small changes have made the biggest difference in your life? Nothing is too small! I want to celebrate with you. Let me hear from you in the comments below!

Stay safe, my friends. You are loved & appreciated! If you’ve enjoyed reading, please share this post with your friends. ♥

All My Best To You & Yours,

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