What’s Your Motive?

Emily van Rijn

  Lessons from David and Goliath #4 (1 Samuel 17)

Why do you think David risked his life to fight Goliath? Was it to become a hero? To give himself a big name?

This is the reason he gave Goliath, "that all the earth may know that there is a God in Israel." From the way David talks in this chapter, you can tell that David is angered by Goliath defying Israel's God. He mentions it again and again. Love for God was David's motive. He had to stand up for His God. He did become a hero, but that wasn't really a blessing considering the trouble it caused him with Saul!

Are you doing anything for God? Are you serving God in any way? I hope so! But what is the motive behind what you are doing? Is it to make you look good and draw attention to yourself? Is it out of love for yourself? Or is it out of love for God and others? This is a challenging question for me and also for you!

May we be driven first of all by love for God and secondly, by love for our neighbour.

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