Top 5 Businesses You Can Start from Home – Dr. Dalton-Smith – I Choose My Best Life

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If you have got bored of the corporate world or you are working in a 9-5 job that no longer satisfies you, your mind may have wandered to the idea of starting your own business.  The possibilities are endless and can be mind-boggling, but here are five great options for businesses that you can start from home.

Laundry Services

This is an excellent service to start from home as you will not need a lot of outlay.  The chances are you already have most of the supplies you need, such as detergent, an iron, and an ironing board.  All you need are some labels and advertising, and you are good to go.  So many people need laundry services as they do not have the time or the inclination to do chores themselves that you will be inundated with business in no time.


Cleaning other people’s houses will get you out and about, and you can manage the office work from home. However, you may need to take out some professional insurance if you break or damage people’s belongings while you are in their homes.  Accidents do happen, but thankfully you can easily and quickly obtain low-cost professional insurance that will cover you for all eventualities. 

You may also need to consider car running costs as you will need to get from house to house.  However, you will save money in other areas.

Virtual Assistant

If you have basic office skills, you can set yourself up as a virtual assistant and offer your services to small businesses in areas such as typing documents, answering the phone, and diary management.  Many small businesses need admin support but don’t want to hire an employee to do it full-time.  You can hire your services to as many clients as you have time to manage and charge hourly for your services without having to leave the house.


Tutoring is big business, and all you need is time and patience and a computer program such as Zoom for your virtual classroom.  If you have a specialist subject such as maths or languages, you could earn a lot of money.  However, many tutors hire their services to international students who want to learn English, so if you have basic English skills, you have something to offer your students.

Dog Walking

If you are an animal lover and you enjoy the great outdoors, then dog walking could be an excellent option for you.  Thousands of people own dogs but must work full time and don’t get enough opportunity to walk them.  They are happy to pay someone else to do this for them.  You can earn good money from this business, especially if you can walk several dogs simultaneously, as you will charge your clients individually.

These are five great businesses that can be started from home with little outlay. So what are you waiting for?

Courtesy of Saundra Dalton-Smith.