When Lacking Direction In Life, Where Should You Turn?

At times, we all feel a little stuck, lost, or uncertain. When Lacking Direction In Life, Where Should You Turn?

When Lacking Direction In Life, Where Should You Turn?

You may have heard the term “life is short” many times in the past.

However, when you have no purpose, life can feel tremendously long.

Life only tends to feel short if you’re having a good time. If you’re otherwise focused and engaged, then time flies.

But when we’re not really doing anything, the days can drag on. Also, we may feel exhausted even without doing much from day to day.

When lacking direction in life, it can be hard to know where to turn.

Some turn to their faith in times of need. On this blog, we always recommend you turn to the Lord Jesus.

Some take refuge in their family and ask for advice.

Others may just try things until a new practice sticks, such as a new job, or trying to launch their own business from home.

That said, talking about what some people do may not help you at all.

So, it’s our aim to give some semi-specific advice that may help you take those next steps towards something appropriate and worthwhile, giving you the chance to find your footing and slowly blossom your interests once more.

First… When Lacking Direction, Journal & Write Your Goals.

Writing down your goals can serve as an excellent means of getting to grips with what you really want, rather than what you think other people want for you.

When was the last time you sat down and wrote about what you’re interested in, and what you might like life to be like in five years? 

You don’t have to come up with some grand plan, of course, it might just be helpful to figure out, in some capacity, what it is you want and why that’s important to you.

Or, you could write why you feel tired and unable to engage.

This can help you at least structure your thoughts more readily, allowing you to gain that foothold for further action.

Read those thoughts a week from now, and you may start to understand how you think and how you got here.

Second… When Lacking Direction, Take An Interest Inventory.

An interest inventory can help you understand your strong predilections, your passions, your tastes, and what you’re most suited to. In a career capacity, this can help you understand what you may feel best about spending your time on.

This way, you can focus on the future with intention and effort, knowing that you’re headed in a direction that your personality will actually conform to rather than reject.

This can help people take that final step towards action.

For instance, it might help you understand, by implication, if enlisting in the military is actually worthwhile for your personality or not, or if taking that promotion in a given field, solidifying your pursuit in that career path, is a good idea.

Third… Answer this Question – What Are Your Passions?

If money was no object, you had all the time in the world, and were guaranteed some level of success in a field, what is it you’d do?

Well, this can help you identify your passions. Often, it’s not the fact that we have no drive or direction, rather we haven’t really considered what’s valuable for us to pursue.

Now, money is an object, we don’t have all the time in the world, and success isn’t guaranteed.

Most of us know and accept this of course. But that doesn’t mean your passions are any less important to follow or care about. The more we can understand that, the better we can feel about making small steps in that direction.

Perhaps you wish to write novels. Well, that’s okay. You don’t have to do that full-time right now.

It can be perfectly acceptable to get a basic job 9-5 and to write in the evenings. You may not realize just how much minimal progress can make a big difference in terms of how our pursuit feels.

In the long run, that can make a tremendous impact on our sense of personal wellbeing.

Finally, When Lacking Direction, Consider: What Support Structures Do You Have In Place?

Sometimes, we feel a lack of direction because we don’t have that sense of footing we need to make a step. It can be helpful to ask for support from those we care about or to ask them for advice.

Talking through your career options with a friend you care about, discussing your inner turmoil with your pastor, or simply writing anonymously to someone in the industry you’re thinking about entering can be a good way to gain that extra confirmation.

With this advice, we hope you can feel more able to seek help when lacking direction in life.

There’s no shame in feeling stagnant, but staying stagnant can be a problem.

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