George Santos is accused of any lie I can think of

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It seems he tried to cover every group of constituents to vote for him.

All allegations here are documented in these three links: one, two, three.

He said his mother’s parents were Ukrainian Jews who fled the Nazis and so, he ended up in the Americas. No proof of that is found, which is strange, to put it mildly. It turns out that his ancestors all lived in Brazil for at least three generations. He claimed to be a proud American or Latino Jew. When caught, he claimed he only said he was Jew-ish, which is untrue too. His claim of having had a Black father seems without proof too.

He said his mother, Fatima Devolder, worked her way up to become the first female executive at a major financial institution. But, Santos’s friends say they remember her as a woman who spoke only Portuguese and worked cooking food and cleaning house for others.

He said his mother worked at the World Trade Center when it went down on 9/11, 2001. Later he said that she was rather hit by its dust outside and died a few years later, but those were actually one-and-a-half decades.

He said the family could not afford a funeral for his mother and a collection raised a significant amount. A friend set up a GoFundMe too to pay for her funeral, but he went on a ski trip, which his friend believes was paid for through the money raised via the GoFundMe.

He said he embellished his resume but actually, at the prestigious schools, colleges, and university he supposedly attended (and almost graduated from), his name cannot be found. That’s beyond exaggerating.

He said that, in Brazil, he had worked as a journalist for a major news organization, but its website does not mention him.

He said he was a seasoned Wall Street financier and investor for Citigroup and Goldman Sachs, but those firms have no record of that, and his friends never saw him leave for office, and he was often short on money. He said that at a SALT private equity conference, as a panelist, he panned his employer for investing in renewable energy for being a taxpayer-paid scam. There is no record of him being at such a panel or conference.

He said he exaggerated his resume but never anything criminal, but his boyfriend moved out when he discovered he was charged in Brazil with forging checks belonging to his mother’s client. Though he now denies it, Brazilian records show he confessed, yet, before court, disappeared WAT.

He became a regional director at a firm later accused of running a $17 million Ponzi scheme, but he claimed he was unaware of the scam.

He said he was the sole owner and managing member of the Devolder Organization that managed $80 million in assets. There seem to be a lot of irregularities in the numbers, but surely, its mailing address was fake.

Many of the addresses he claimed to have lived at have no record of it. But he and his partner do have a trail of very real home evictions.

He said he lost four employees in the June 2016 Pulse Gay nightclub shooting, but there is no proof of that either. When none of the dozens of victims seemed connected to his place of work, he claimed that four of them were going to be working for him, which is impossible to disprove.

During his campaigns, he said he was ‘very Gay,’ and never had an issue with his sexual identity. Yet, he never let on that from 2012 until 2019, he was married to a woman. He now claimed he had changed. When? Twice? Gay, Straight, Gay again? In any case, there is no marriage record for Santos to the man he currently calls his husband. None of the (Woke) media mentions his claim of Gayness. Media dishonesty on top of his.

He said he was diagnosed with a brain tumor and received radiation treatment, but there seems no record of it. He also said he suffers from an immunodeficiency and acute chronic [sic] bronchitis. That contradicts his claim he had COVID-19 but recovered in three days by use of an inhaler.

He admitted he lied saying he owned 13 NY rental properties. No records confirm his claim he founded a charity called Friends of Pets. And now, the question is from where came the $ 700,000 he said he loaned to his campaign, which is strange for a guy in debt for thousands of dollars in rent. His lavish spending on the campaign trails doesn’t fit either. He borrowed money and claimed it was a gift. A judge ordered him to repay but he didn’t. His personal financial disclosure the House requires of congressional candidates seem contradictory and completely made-up.

George Anthony Devolder Santos has used aliases, like Anthony Zabrovsky and Anthony Devolder. What’s his real name is everyone’s guess.

He called President Joe Biden a pathological liar. A proof of decency the president should display prominently in the White House.

Trump wanted to be the greatest, but he’s peanuts compared to this guy.

Most of what he’s accused of is so unheard of that it’s not illegal (yet).

I just wrote a much-read blog post that the world became irredeemably dishonest. Yet, I must admit that many are very upset with this con artist.

He’s never accused, though, of telling the truth. A perfect fit for the GOP?


Talking about the House. On Tuesday, thrice, McCarthy did not get the votes to become the Speaker because 19 MAGA (Trump) cronies refused. Why don’t the Dems vote for him too? Together outmaneuvering the extremist. Wouldn’t that be a nice start to getting bi-partisan things done?

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