We are called to operate in strength and authority, but the great Apostle Paul calls us to top off all of our courage and strength with love. True masculinity, as God designed it, knows how to be strong, but also to love strong. We are courageous because of love, not in spite of it. Jesus was motivated by love when He courageously came to rescue humanity. As the verse states, we defend, believe, and take our stand from the viewpoint of love. We discipline and correct out of love as well. The key is to consider what spirit are you operating in. In fear, anger, jealousy, or in love?

 Men, Here are a couple of questions to consider: 

Are you hanging out with men who inspire courage or fear? What areas do you need to operate more in love?

Men, Make this your confession:

I am a man of courage who pushes past fear to walk in faith! I will do everything in love!

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