Does Your Prayer LIfe Need a Boost?

On too many mornings, I find myself feeling scatter-brained and distracted from the most important habits and disciplines of life. I crave a robust prayer and devotional life, yet without a structured plan for reading and praying, I often end up accomplishing little of value. Instead of cherishing communion with God during my "quiet time," I spend most of it trying to figure out what to do.

Even with a plan in place, I sometimes delve into an in-depth study or long meditation on a passage before I have to get ready and head out the door. While there is undeniably great value in meditating on the Bible — as the great Puritan divines and many other devotional heroes of the past would remind us — making those meditations into prayers is equally crucial.

Transitioning from Bible Reading to Prayer

This transition from reading, studying, and meditation to prayer can be challenging at times. I am familiar with the idea that the blessed man meditates day and night (Psa. 1), yet believers are also urged to "continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving" (Colossians 4:2). As vital as Bible reading and meditation are, prayer stands as an extremely vital aspect of Christian life and faith as well. In the words of E.M. Bounds, "To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing!" He couldn't be more right.

So, how do we shift from Scripture to prayer? There are numerous methods for this, and one of my favorites is actually Bible journaling. For me, journaling serves as a tool to rein in my wandering thoughts and focus on one or two key insights from my reading and meditating to specifically take to God in prayer. Taking the time to write out my thoughts, expressions of gratitude, and plans for the day can really shape my hours, days, and weeks. In fact, when I invest thoughtful energy into prayer and planning, I find myself much more productive and far less frantic, in general.

Discovering the Daily Prayer Journal

Recently, I was thrilled to learn about the Daily Prayer and Gratitude Journal from The Christian Journal Company. It’s a simple and practical way to incorporate Bible journaling into your everyday life. As you navigate your devotional rhythms, this journal can help guide your thoughts and prayers. Each day features a morning and evening time of journaling, which allows you to both plan your day and reflect on it. This journal not only encourages prayer but also promotes "being watchful in it with thanksgiving" (Col. 4:2).

In the morning section, you have space to write out a specific prayer request, three things to be thankful for, and a way you’ll make the day great. Additionally, there's a daily affirmation from Scripture. These affirmations are drawn directly from Scripture. For example, an affirmation from Isaiah 49:15 says, “I am not abandoned. Christ accepts me as I am.” The passage from Isaiah, amid prophecy about God’s wayward children, serves as a powerful reminder that God won’t abandon us; He accepts us as we are and transforms us into who He has created us to be.

In the evening section, you have space to write three blessings that occurred each day. While I can’t speak for anyone else, I know how crucial it is to count my blessings. Naming and writing them down helps me stay grounded and grateful. Taking the time to reflect on my day and list the blessings can be transformative, especially during challenging times. Even on the best days, it's a reminder that God is constantly at work for my good and His glory.

A Legacy to Share

This hardback journal is high quality and feels sturdy in my hands. It’s a book that will stand the test of time on the bookshelf. You’ll be able to carry it until you’ve filled the pages with journaling, and then you’ll be able to look back on how you prayed and how God showed up over the year. Even better, you’ll be able to pass on your prayer journal to the believers of the next generation. Whether you have children or you’re mentoring a young believer, this journal can provide a glimpse into the marvelous and mighty work of God in your life that will be sure to bless and encourage a younger saint.

If you're searching for a catalyst in your devotional life or simply something to slow you down and foster more prayerfulness and reflection, the Daily Prayer and Gratitude Journal could be the boost you've been seeking! Give it a try, and feel free to share your thoughts by leaving a comment. Your feedback is invaluable!
I received a free copy of this journal in exchange for an honest review. I do not receive any affiliate sales or profits when you purchase this journal. 

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