Faith: Trusting God's plan for your life -

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Are you fighting against God’s plan for your life? Does it feel like you are swimming against the current? Read More…

Faith: Trusting God’s plan for your life

God's plan for your life
‘Smooth Stream’-God’s plan for your life

Are you fighting against the current? Give God control and flow with the stream, not against it. He has a plan for you and will take your struggles, but you have to trust him, through your faith, that he will handle it. Abiding with his will is like a fish swimming with the current. Instead of fighting with all your strength to gain a foot, God pushes you along the natural course he planned for you. But just like the fish, we still have to put in effort to reach our destinations, but even the smallest effort is exponentially aided by God’s power, saving our strength for the battles we will face ahead. So have faith, he promised he would take all your anxiety on himself. Trust God’s plan for your life and discover just how smooth your journey becomes.

“Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for us”. 1 Peter 5:7

Photographer Notes: Capturing ‘Smooth Stream’

The hope to this work was to make the water as smooth as possible while still showing the current’s swiftness. I wanted to portray how smooth and easy the water flows downstream but how difficult it would be to fight against the current moving upstream. The current represents the will of God and although we fight against it, once we give into his will, the trip becomes so much easier; we wonder why we wasted so much time fighting.

To get the water as smooth as possible required an exposure of roughly 20 seconds. This required a tripod, remote shutter release, and coffee. Such a long shutter requires either the use of an ND filter or shooting in low light, so these were taken at dawn, right before the ducks and geese became active.

Photography and writing by Jon Frederick, Seven11

Jon Frederick, Lead photographer, seven11

Jon is a photographer and author for Seven11 Photography. He specializes in conceptual fine art, Christian inspiration writing and teaching others to further their skills in photography.
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