Imaginate: Finding Purpose Through Creativity and Collaboration with John Michael Hinton: The Intertwined Life Podcast, Ep : 65

If you don’t already know him, I can’t wait to introduce you to “my friend John!” I’m talking about the one and only… because the world is not ready for more than one… incredible magician, speaker, and author, John Michael Hinton. There is so much more to this guy than a Rubik’s Cube and an epic head of red hair.

Perhaps you saw John Michael’s mind-blowing appearance on The CW’s “Penn and Teller: Fool Us.” From never-before-seen tricks with the Rubik’s cube to mystifying card tricks, John’s shows always end by circling back to the real Supernatural, the King of Hearts Himself.

John Michael is an inspiring example of how when we lean into the uniqueness with which God made us and the passion He put in our hearts and combine that with a desire to know and share Jesus, super-natural things happen!

John’s brand new book, Imaginate: Unlocking Your Purpose with Creativity and Collaboration, is now available! This book strikes the not-so-easy balance between insightful and entertaining

This interview with John Michael and his amazing wife, Maribeth was so much fun! I can’t wait for you to listen in.

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