Links to video Sermons for the month of June

 By Babatope Babalobi +234 80 35 897435

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Morning Cry

  1. Be a very good person:
  2. Download the blessings of today:
  3. Ask the Holy Spirit:
  4. Psalm 20:
  5. Do not debate with the devil:
  6. No abandoned project:
  7. Your eyes shall not be opened to sin:
  8. Walk with God:
  9. No sudden death in Jesus’ name:
  10. My windows of heaven, open now:
  11. Go and multiply:
  12. Yes, you can:
  13. Take the right decision today:
  14. Qualities of a Christian father:
  15. Grace shall find you:
  16. Sin shall not overcome you:
  17. You shall not be stagnant:
  18. As soon as Zion prevail:
  19. Blood of Jesus as a spiritual vaccine:
  20. You need to scream at the devil:
  21. Our affliction shall bow:
  22. Receive the power of imagination:
  23. Make a covenant with God:

Prayers and sermons

  1. Evil monitors shall not prosper:
  2. My star shall attract a good husband:
  3. My herods shall die:
  4. Bible principles for dating:
  5. Deliverance from evil ancestry:
  6. Eject that demon in Jesus’ name:
  7. Steps to deliverance by the word:
  8. When men slep his enemies came:
  9. My prayer altar receive fire:
  10. I uproot every evil implantations in Jesus’ name:
  11. How to receive answers from God:
  12. Speak the word:
  13. Speak the word and be delivered:
  14. Mercy shall cancel your sins:
  15. Worship provokes deliverance:
  16. Cast out the devils:
  17. The gospel is not for sale:
  18. Rebuke the devil:
  19. God will do it:
  20. I pursue my enemies unto destruction:
  21. Arrow of God scatter my adversaries:
  22. Weapons of warfare: The thunder of God:
  23. Destroyers shall be destroyed. Wasters shall be wasted: