Meditation Sat Nov 18th- What troubles you?

From  Charles Spurgeon, Psalm 55:2 commentary on King David’s inner trouble-

 “Sometimes prayer is scarcely articulate.  ‘I make a noise.’ He was very free with God.  He spoke out his heart as best his heart would speak, and he seemed to ramble.  I believe that some of our sweetly-composed prayers have no prayer in them, and some of our broken petitions are those that reach the heart of God.  ‘Groanings that cannot be uttered’ are prayers that cannot be refused.  There may be most strength in the passion of the soul when there is least order in the expression of the soul.  ‘I mourn in my complaints, and make a noise.’”

Scarcely articulate prayers.  Groanings that cannot be uttered, the Spirit helps us in this weakness, Romans 8:26.

Recently the LORD impressed Psalm 55 on me with a situation I’m deeply distressed about.  When I realized the context of the psalm, it ministered immediately.  He was affirming my troubled heart very specifically, namely with the context of the psalm.  My mourning was affirmed.  He sees.  He knows.  He’s fully aware that the attack is causing me great distress.   For this situation, I struggle for words.  My prayers are groans; they are heavy sighs.  For this situation, the waters of my soul are troubled within. 

What is your soul troubled about?  What brings up a sigh of constriction, of burden, of complaint, of sorrow and confusion in which words cannot express?  These types of troubles are the subject of a biblical meditation being held on Saturday, November 18th at Webster Recreation from 10am-12pm.
We’ll take a look at some sensory experiences God has within the meaning of the word “trouble”.  The session will be mediated to help guide you and keep you focused within the prayer time.  You will be processing with tools that will be provided, given time to consider issues alone, and if desired, have opportunity to receive personal prayer.  The things troubling you will be brought to the Father of compassion, the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles… – 2 Corinthians 1:3-4.

The goal of the session is to transform the troubled sigh of burden into a sigh of rest.  The sigh of rest comes via a supernatural touch that comes from the loving presence of God’s Spirit.  He is present in the sessions and hovers over the surface of your deep, i.e. waters of your soul.  He speaks and recreates and fills with light, Genesis 1:2-3.  How many of us need this?!

Know ahead of time that the format for November 18th is meant for a beginner, as well as a long time believer.  It is meant for anyone, even the uninitiated in faith who would be open to pursuing God’s sigh of rest.  Through the use of some media, pictures, and other relatable resources, we will process scriptural truths.  If you know someone burdened, please invite them.   Attendees of sessions are never called upon in the sessions to share what they are processing.  It is set up to be very private and personal.    

Below is one sensory scene God has behind the meaning of trouble.  This occurrence is a relatable experience for most.  It ties us to just one example of what trouble is within.  There are more, but this is just a glimpse of one idea used in the meditation to help participants hone in on internal upset.  Muddied waters, sediment that clouds view, stirred by stormy winds, agitated and not settled.  In the meditation, participants will be encouraged to take a look at what sediment is building up, what clouds perspective, what words, actions and emotions churn and trouble a state of peace.  We’ll look at the storm within.  May you process what is unsettled within with God at the meditation on Saturday, November 18th from 10am-12pm.  Encourage a friend who is also possibly troubled right now, to attend with you.  Pursue the sigh of His supernatural rest.  He will show up as Wonderful Counselor, Isaiah 9:6.  VISIT THE CALENDAR PAGE TO SIGN UP!  Blessings!

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