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I’ve never stepped foot in Bethlehem. My fingers have never brushed across the gnarled bark of the ancient olive trees while wandering towards Nazareth. I have yet to stand in the places that cradled the feet of our savior or inhale the air that filled His lungs. Although I long to go, my journey has not yet led me to the land that once held the body and still holds the heart of my Lord.

The land of Jesus…

I know with certainty that I am not the only one that has Isreal on their bucket list. So many people long to go to the Holy Land if only for a moment to wonder at the places where Jesus lived and ministered.

For those of us who can not go just yet, there is a company sending a bit of the Holy Land our way.

holding a little of the holy land

Artza: Towards the Land

I only recently learned that Artza is Hebrew for “towards the land.”

I will bless those who bless you… and all the families of the earth shall be blessed through you…
and they went out towards the land (Artza) Genesis 12:3-5

This company, Artza, is sending hand-crafted gifts from the Holy Land to your doorstep this Christmas (well, year-round actually.) They do a quarterly box of artisanal goods from different areas around the holy land.

Even though this is a year-round subscription, I think this is one of the loveliest Christmas gift ideas I’ve seen in a while. Within the four walls of this little box, you will receive a taste of the land that is beloved by so many, especially this time of year.

Bringing the past and the present together in a lovely collision, buying from this company supports Isreal while simultaneously following the footsteps of Jesus.

I was given the wonderful opportunity to receive a gift box from Artza this holiday season.

Holding a little of the Holy Land in my hands

It was such a fun treat to open!

(My pictures may or may not include half-eaten boxes of candy—ahem. All in all, I think I hid it pretty well, don’t you think?)

This box of goods from the land I hope to enjoy in person one day is a delight. Here are just a few of the items you will find inside:

  • Ornaments hand carved from olive wood
  • Treats from an Israeli chocolatier and toffee from a professional athlete turned confectioner
  • A decorative ceramic plate from a family-owned shop in Bethlehem
  • As well as several other wonderful gifts.

One thing in particular that I thought was a beautiful idea for the holiday season, is the little box, Tables that Talk. In it, you will find snowflakes with phrases for starting conversations with your family and guests. They’re made to put out at the dinner table or however you see fit to use them. I think this year, especially, it’s necessary to highlight the good things.

holding a little of the holy land

A special gift for my readers

Artza was kind enough to offer a special gift to the readers at Carry on My Heart, a unique discount code just for you. If you head on over to their site to order a box, type in the code SUSAN15 for 15% off.

I will personally be sending a few of these as Christmas gifts this year!

Click on this link to head to Artza and check out their beautiful site. 

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