Divine Providence: Kathleen’s Story

We do not live in a vacuum, and as Christians, we are in dire need of connection; the events of this past year have demonstrated this accurately and tangibly. Kathleen experienced just that recently. Driving north from the Bay Area where she had been visiting family, to Portland, Oregon, where she lives, Kathleen couldn’t have chosen a worse time. California was on fire, with raging infernos engulfing Northern California.

As she made her way through this catastrophe, she remembered thinking how happy she would be getting back home to the fresh air of the Northwest. Adding to her worries, technology was also failing her—her Bluetooth connection wasn’t quite working, and as a last resort, she turned on the radio, trying to find something to listen to before settling on a station featuring A New Beginning, where Pastor Greg Laurie’s voice drew her in. It held her attention until the station finally got out of range. Not to be deterred, she pulled over, downloaded the Harvest app, and continue to listen all the way home.

It turns out that this encouragement came at the right time. “I had been backsliding from God,” Kathleen told us. “As I was driving, I was listening . . . and praying. I felt God’s presence.”

Before long, and just as she was just about to cross the border into Oregon, her GPS told her to exit the freeway. It seemed strange as she wasn’t planning a detour or stop, but as she exited, she quickly realized that the fires had reached her beloved state, and needless to say, it was terrifying.

God had turned her around and, quite frankly, saved her life. The freeway was closed to all traffic, but fortunately, she could find a hotel to spend the night. The following morning, as the highway opened again, she drove through, and it felt like she had descended into Hell (or at least the way she imagined it would be). Just like California, Oregon was on fire.

Kathleen’s saving grace was Pastor Greg’s teaching; it calmed her and allowed her to get home. She has now become a regular podcast listener. A fire, a road closed, another opened, and a happenstance encounter with a radio station restored her faith and rejuvenated her commitment to the Lord.

“The times we’re living in are terrifying,” she said. “I just thank God for bringing me to your channel. I’ve never been closer to God than I am now.”

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Used with permission from Greg Laurie.

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