How To Not Be Brainwashed By Sin, World or Satan? – Raising Zion

We associate the term “brainwashed” with what we’ve heard in the movies. But, there is a conditioning that’s shaping our lives. At some point in life everyone takes a step back and reflects on the very meaning of life and why we exist as humans in an increasingly dark and dreary world. In time, we learn we’ve been conditioned by our upbringing. Including, what we learnt from education systems over time. We blame the world and everyone we think messed with our heads and hearts.

How are people being brainwashed? By coercive persuasion to reject certain beliefs to accept another kind of thinking or lifestyle. It is psychological warfare. Spiritual battles. Beliefs and thinking that carry us away from the principles under which God created the heavens and the earth.

Corporations and governments use advertising, marketing and communications practices focused on attracting and shifting mindset’s. The public is being emotionally persuaded to buy material things they don’t need. This pushes them into a lifestyle that’s rooted in the world (earthly reputation). Behavioural science methods are consistently applied to manipulate thinking using various forms of communication. Leading to a lifestyle of addicted doing.

Companies are posing as culture warriors. They talk about values and need to accept diversity of thought. Getting a job is less about your skill today, and more about what you believe in.

This is nothing new because it has been happening since the fall of man.

How to avoid being brainwashed?

  • Satan persuaded Eve to eat the forbidden fruit to gain knowledge and become like gods.
  • The love of money turned Judas away from Christ.
  • Demas left ministering to become part of the present evil world.

… among many others and many reasons, we read in the Bible.

The devil is systematically using the power of money, fame, and worldly attractions to distract us from the faith. Satan is driving non believers deeper into darkness.

As believers, we need to build systems to guard our heart and apply the sound mind, love and power to stand against the wiles of the devil. How to build these systems? Only by turning to Jesus on our own.

If God would not have opened our eyes we wouldn’t have known. What is the only way to stay protected from being contaminated by the world? By the blood of Jesus, the purifying word of God, and sanctifying work. of the Holy Spirit.

Meditate on the word of God, do not escape to books or movies or systems that do not glorify God. Watch and pray, the end is near. Maranatha, Praise God and Amen.

Used with permission from Nehemiah Zion.

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