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Evangeline by Lane P. Jordan

Dear Blog Friends,

I am so thrilled to share with you that my newest book is now out. Evangeline.

It is the biblical story of Esther, but set “for such a time as this” in the 1960’s. Here is a short synopsis of the story:


Take the beautiful, biblical story of Esther, change the lead character’s race from Jewish to biracial, place the location in New York City during the 1960s era of turmoil at the time of the civil rights movement, and you have a modern-day parallel to the story of Esther.

King and Evie (the main characters) beautifully portray this timeless tale of romance and righteousness in action.


I would love for you to go to and purchase a copy for yourself and share with all you would like! And a review if you feel like it. The book shares how God works behind the scenes in all our lives and at the end I share the plan of God’s great salvation!

Here is the prologue to the book:




I don’t remember much about that freezing December night. I do remember being woken by my Meemaw. Her soft touch and words were unusually tender. She pulled me from my warm covers toward her large bosom, holding me so tightly I could hardly breathe. She looked right into my eyes. “You gotta go on a trip with Uncle Martin, and you gotta be brave, very brave.”

As I blinked my eyes awake, I looked around the small shack. My cousins were crying. “Where’s Ma and Pa?” I asked. Meemaw offered me a slight smile. “Why, they’ve gone through the door to the other side. But it’s not your time yet, so we gotta let you go … go to safety.”

“But I don’t want to go! I don’t want to leave you and our home and …” I looked down at my kitty, who had wrapped herself in a ball by my feet. “I don’t want to leave Kitty.”

“Now listen to me, my precious Hattie. This here is dangerous times. Your Ma and Pa, well, they tried to keep away, but it finally caught up with them. Now, we’ve already packed up your bag. You’re going on a train trip—won’t that be fun?”

She laid her hands on my head, prayed a blessing over always with you. “Never forget that God is like the wind—invisible but always with you.  Remember who you are and where you came from, dear child. Remember all those who love you dearly. Live a life of truth, kindness, and love. Every hour of your life is important, for you is important! Be strong, be courageous, and be brave. Don’t never, ever forget where you came from.”

I don’t remember much else but crying for my Ma and Pa. Someone put my coat and hat on me while I sobbed. My uncle pulled me from my Meemaw and carried me to the wagon that was already horsed up in the dirt yard. The horses started moving immediately after he set me in the back on some blankets.

That was the last time I ever saw my home or my dear, dear Meemaw.


Here is the Amazon link (click on the book cover). I hope you enjoy the full story!

Thank you!

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We have re-published this article with permission from the author, Lane Jordan.

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