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Giselle Manaiza

Hiya! So you’re interested in digging deeper into God’s Word? Amazing! When we study the Word, it literally changes our lives. It has totally changed my view of God, my relationships, and my outlook overall. Using the SOAP method is a very practical and useful way to grow in your knowledge of the Bible. I also have a free printable you can use right away, just click here!

S – Scripture

Ok, so here we take a scripture that sticks out to us or that inspires us. You can also take scripture that coincides with whatever it is that you’re going through right now. For example, you can use Philippians 4:6 “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” if you’re feeling anxious or worried. Also, when we write down the verse, it helps to understand it better because you are not just reading it, but you’re taking the time to write it down.

O – Observations

Notice what stood out to you. For example, using Philippians 4:6, I can see that when anxious thought arise, I should pray about whatever is making me anxious instead. Many times we skim through these verses and not really catch these small but key things that we must do in order to understand and openly receive what God has already richly given us. Other things to look out for:

  • Who is the speaker speaking to?
  • What is something you didn’t notice before?
  • Why did this particular verse stand out to you?
  • What is God telling you through this scripture?
  • What does God want you to believe?

A – Applications

Here is where you ask yourself, how can I apply this to my life right now? For example, using the same scripture as above, in order to not be anxious, I can now replace my anxious thoughts with prayer and petitions. This is something I can start doing right now! And while I pray, I thank God for all of the things I am grateful for. The way you apply it to your life right now, does not have to be in a great miraculous way. Application can start with simply your thoughts. Shifting your thoughts to scripture is a GREAT way to start.

P – Prayer

This is like the cherry on top! This is where you can tell God whatever it is that is in your heart. Pray that this scripture remain in the forefront of your mind when you really need it. And if you have any convictions, let God know. He is quick to forgive and fully capable to guide you where He wants you to go. Pray that God helps you practice these actions this daily with the strength that He provides through His Holy Spirit. May God bless you abundantly. Don’t forget to download the free SOAP bible printable!

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Used with permission from Giselle Manaiza.