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Although career challenges are hard to deal with, it is always best to work through them and find solutions. It can help you become a better worker who is mentally and physically fit to work. You can also learn to be your person, fight for what is right by and for you, express your feelings, suggest ideas, and change a situation that makes you feel uncomfortable. If you do not deal with career challenges, they might elevate making it more difficult to handle them. If you are currently experiencing any career challenges, it would be best to act now.

If you love your career dearly and want to advance your skills and knowledge, you might encounter hurdles that can limit you from achieving your goals. Career challenges might harm your mental and physical health in terms of your rights and safety. If reporting to the system proves fatal, there are other ways to handle career challenges effectively. This article highlights a few of the challenges and how to solve them.

Office Bullying and Sexual Harassment

Today, office bullying is on the rise. Many people experience bullying from colleagues and even bosses. Persistent bullying in one’s career can result in physical and mental harm. It can be done verbally, physical acts, constant humiliation, and to some extent, physical abuse. A colleague might threaten you to step down from vying for a promotion seat that they also want.

Sexual harassment can happen in multiple ways, implicitly or explicitly. A colleague or boss might send you sexual notes or emails. It can also be in the form of sexual jokes and compliments. Staring at a person sexually or inappropriate touching is another form of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment can arise when you want to get a promotion that could boost your career. To deal with office bullying and sexual harassment, you should report to the officials. If this is ineffective, you can raise awareness of its existence, highlighting significant effects for people to draw the line.

Continual Advancement

Continual career advancement is another challenge people experience. To advance in your career means an upward progression. Today, with technology taking over, more information is becoming obsolete. With this, it would be best to seek ways to gain new knowledge continually. You can do so by advancing your skills through proper training, enrolling in a CPR certification online, and other short courses. This can help you move from an entry-level position to a management role.

However, advancing in your career is easier said than done. It calls for sacrificing time, effort, and financial resources. It can also mean shifting to a less demanding or part time job, which lowers your financial freedom. To overcome this challenge, you can start by setting a goal that will direct and motivate you. Additionally, prioritizing activities can help you focus on what’s important to advance your career.

Trying To Get a Promotion

A work promotion may happen once in a blue moon. And if it does, people will work tirelessly to prove they are worthy of getting it. Job promotions come with a lot of benefits and advantages. Many people aim to get a work promotion for a better salary. Others work for it because it serves as an opportunity to gain recognition and respect from colleagues. However, before landing a great promotion, there can be hurdles that will limit you.

Trying to get a career promotion can be much harder if you work in a larger organization. There are so many people eyeing the same slot as you. Some have better skills; others have personal connections, while others may have a soft spot with bosses. Trying to prove you are worthy of getting a promotion can present challenges and risks. You might face office bullying, sexual harassment, or even face corruption. You might also lack the confidence needed to prove your value in a company.

A bad record of absenteeism, not meeting deadlines, and producing inferior work can also make it hard to get a promotion. However, if you feel confident enough, why not give it a whirl? To overcome the challenge of getting a promotion in your career, never pay down your accomplishments. Let your boss know what you are capable of and your achievements. Take responsibility for projects and be an active team player. Unknowingly, these moves can capture company officials’ attention who might decide to give you a chance.

 These are but a few challenges you will encounter for a longer period if you don’t act on them now. Besides, it would be best to sustain your mental health when dealing with such challenges to achieve the results you want.



Used with permission from Saundra Dalton-Smith.

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