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Jim Brangenberg

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When you think of your job, what comes to mind first? Your to-do list? The promotion you’ve been working towards? An upcoming meeting or presentation? A project? 

 So often, our focus centers on tasks rather than on relationships. Yet, the true value of our work – the eternal value – is not found in accomplishments but people. 

 The reality is that God placed you where you are, right now, today, for a purpose: to share the love of Christ with everyone around you. And when we live by faith, inevitably, our lives become a catalyst for conversations with those around us. Customers, coworkers, and clients will want to know why we have hope, why we care, why we don’t gossip, and why we go above and beyond. And that curiosity is a golden opportunity to share the Gospel! 

 You may be thinking, “But Jim, I don’t know how to share my faith. I’m afraid I’ll say something wrong or something stupid.” 

 First of all, you aren’t alone in that fear. And second, let me remind you that most people are led to Jesus by hearing someone’s story. Sharing the Gospel doesn’t have to be complicated or full of complex theology. We just need to learn to tell our Jesus story. 

 I was introduced to Christ by a missionary during a conference when I was six. But I was challenged to walk with Jesus and make Him my Lord by a speaker when I was 13; that’s when I went all in. My life has never been the same. Everything about me started changing. 

 Your story will not be like mine; your story is your story. BUT it will have something in common: the grace of the cross and the power of Christ. 

 Our lives and stories are like a signature fragrance with the same base note of “Jesus.” And your faith story will seep out of you and impact others long before you realize that anyone is paying attention. As the Apostle Paul writes, some people will think your fragrance stinks, and others will be attracted to it. But your story – and how Jesus is changing the very way you think and act – will flow out of your every word and movement. 

So, don’t be afraid to share the Gospel at work; just focus on living your faith openly each and every day! And if you need a few tips on what that looks like, check out the iWork4Him Nation Covenant, which gives four simple steps to sharing your faith at work.

– Jim

Used with permission from Jim Brangenberg.

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