Economics for High Schoolers That Won’t Bore Them to Tears

When I was in high school, one of the electives I took was economics for high schoolers. I remember the law of supply and demand as a key part of macro-economics. Even though a lot of it was a bit dry, my favorite part was pretending to invest in the stock market. We selected and tracked our stocks and made graphs. Then, we discussed our choices and whether we should sell. This class helped me understand how different economic systems work.

Nowadays, I hear a lot of discussions around capitalism versus socialism, especially on social media. Sadly, many young people today don’t really understand how money works, not just on a personal level, but on a national level as well. This is why economics for high schoolers is so important as an elective. But, just as importantly, the course should be engaging and super relevant so they fully understand economics. Because of my prior experience with Mr. D Math Career and College Readiness, I went to his site first to find what I was looking for for my high schoolers.

economics for high schoolers

Why I Like Mr. D Math Economics For High Schoolers

I am all about the relevant. We don’t do boring worksheets and textbooks in my house and we generally shy away from learning things just because you’re supposed to. That’s why I love Mr. D Math Economics. He values self-directed, relevant learning and treating teens like the intelligent, capable people that they are. He even has a podcast about self-directed learning called A+Parents.

Makes Big Picture Economics Relatable

Mr. D Math Economics for High School goes beyond classic economics and in fact, discusses some of the problems with it. For example, there is a lesson on behavioral economics that shows that people don’t make economic decisions based solely on facts. They often make irrational choices based on psychological factors such as loss aversion or perception of value, not actual value. Other lessons discuss recession, deficits, monopolies, and more, tying everything back to how these economic problems impact everyday people. It’s like the lessons were ripped right off the front page of the latest news.

Super Relevant!

Credit scores, banking, insurance, wages, and employee benefit packages–Mr. D Math Economics for High School covers all of these. Aren’t these the types of questions that a lot of teens, especially seventeen- and eighteen-year-olds, ask? Even my fourteen-year-old asks, “What is interest? What does that mean?” And his older sister is always talking about building credit so she can rent an apartment. They also sit around figuring out which local retail and food service jobs pay the most and offer the best benefits! If your teen is at least age sixteen, he’s probably asking the same questions. This economics course will help answer those questions for him in the context of the bigger picture.

Video-based Economics for High Schoolers

video based economics for high schoolers course

I don’t know about you, but my teens enjoy video, especially entertaining, fast-moving videos, more than reading text. A video-based format overcomes many hurdles for teens and makes a normally dry subject really come to life. The lessons include animations, real-life scenarios, illustrations and charts, and more. Plus, the videos are short, usually no more than about ten minutes or so. For children with special needs, this is ideal. Not only does this course help them connect lessons to real life (thus motivating them with purpose and meaning), but it removes a major hurdle for them. Video makes it easy to focus, entertaining and fun makes it easy to remember and apply.

Real World Projects

As I mentioned above, Mr. D Economics for High Schoolers includes projects that are meaningful and relevant. These project include things like understanding how advertising affects their decision-making, learning how to create a budget, opening a bank account, and other projects. The goal is to immerse students in life situations and guide them toward solid skills in making wise choices and asking good questions. This course doesn’t just talk about it, students do it!

This is a solid economics program that your teen will look forward to doing. Check out Mr. D Economics for High School. Remember, it’s not an elective, it’s an essential skill that every person needs. Make sure your teen isn’t in the dark.

This copyrighted content has been republished with written permission from Julie Polanco.

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