New Bible Study Plan! – Encouragement For Imperfect Fathers

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I am way excited about my new YouVersion bible plan! This plan is different because it includes a daily testimony from my fatherhood journey. Here’s an excerpt… I hope it encourages you:

Sometimes as a father, I would be focused too much on correcting the attitudes and behaviours of my children. Soon they began to dread every time I said that I wanted to talk to them because they knew it would be about something they were doing wrong. When I realized that I had (albeit with good intentions) created a negative association with ‘talking to dad,’ I was heartbroken.

So, I determined to change. I began to work on finding good things to have heart-to-hearts about, and instead of correcting their behaviour, I focused on telling them about the amazing people God created them to be.

I remember one time in particular. I was worried about my son not applying himself in school. Instead of talking to him about that, I asked him what he saw himself doing in the future. It sparked a beautiful conversation about his ambitions and how he could set himself up for success. Frankly, I was surprised at how well it worked! I actually saw him begin to apply himself more in school. Later in the week, he scolded his brother for not having a bigger vision for his life. I had to work hard to hide my expression of incredulity!

Calling out the gold works ten times better than pointing out the dross!


Father, You only make beautiful things! Help me to see my family through Your eyes and hold before them a vision of the greatness that you have for them! Help me to partner with You in calling them into their Heavenly identity.

Access the full plan here: Encouragement for Imperfect Fathers

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