The Human Spirit is Vulnerable to Provocation – Raising Generation Zion

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The devil is wicked, the purest evil. He attacks your spirit to break your inner man. The spirit man that you cannot see, but exists, refers to your mind and heart flooded with fears and lies. 

We are not just a body, but have a spirit and a soul. 

Sin disconnected the spirit’s connection with God. It lost the ability to understand what God desired. Now possible only through Jesus and the Holy Spirit. The human spirit became subject to the lusts of the body. The body will join with dust, but the spirit and soul require freedom. 

Christ restored our human spirits’ connection with God. 

The battle for your soul by going against your spirit is Satan’s strategy to destroy you, dear child of God. 

How does Satan attack our human spirit? 

He uses words, sounds and visuals. In other words, audio, video and text. 

You can be alone with your mobile and think you aren’t harming anyone else. What you may not be realising is how your attitude lacks the humility to deal with your family at home or church. 

The media cuts us off from reality. Advertising, marketing and communications practices are designed to change the way you think without you realizing it. 

Every app is designed to keep you engaged with it. Your time is precious. You end up wasting time on the phone rather than building your life in Christ. 

Build a strict discipline so you aren’t carried away by poor mobile habits. 

The devil also manipulates us in an old-school fashion through other people in our lives. False accusations, lies, threats, etc., have the power to provoke us into sin. 

Like athletes discipline themselves for a sport, exercise self-control to build your spiritual walk (1 Corinthians 9:25-27). We are at the end. Prepare to meet Jesus. Praise God, and Amen. 

Used with permission from Nehemiah Zion.

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