A God-given Family Is Better Than An Earthly One – Raising GENERATION Zion

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Family ties can become a snare for you. A snare that keeps you from growing spiritually. 

Orpah decided to go back to her house in Moab. The temptation to go back to her mother’s house felt far more appealing than staying with Naomi in a famine-affected Bethlehem. 

Once you leave your house, stay committed to the new family God has given you. Many marriages today are breaking up because one of the spouses loves the family they’ve left behind more, rather than the new family that proceeded from God. 

Who is family? A family, according to Jesus, does the will of God. Mary, the mother, was following Jesus, but that did not matter to Jesus. God established a new family in Christ by setting Jesus as an example. Many seem to follow but live their own life. Mother Mary often failed to understand Jesus’ ministry. 

A God-given family is perfect and life-transforming.

Some children have a tough time standing for divine healing because their parents do not share the same consecration. Many older parents give in to the demands of their unfaithful children, falling from the high standards God called them.

When faith life and doctrines differ, you will go through tests to get rooted and grounded in Christ. We need a wholehearted love for God, like Ruth. 

The new family created by God has nothing to do with language, land or anything earthly. The new family is found and bound together by the cords of love that remain unbroken, come what may! In Christ, the new family cares for you and prays for you. God is the centre for all love and care, not personal passions. 

Love Jesus, and be welcomed into the eternal family in Christ. Where everyone is united in spirit and in truth to encourage one another into a deeper love relationship with God. Maranatha, Praise God, and Amen.

Used with permission from Nehemiah Zion.

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