My weight loss journey with the Happy Shrinkers

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I look so amazing and so lighter than I was when I started my weight loss journey with the Happy Shrinkers.

Beginning of this year I had a lot that I was dealing with, on top of being a stay-at-home and homeschooling mom, I was battling depression and anxiety. Because I couldn’t manage all my roles properly I turned to unhealthy foods for comfort and soon I became a depressed mom with low self-esteem, burying my body beneath big, loose clothes. The one thing I wanted was to shed weight just so I could feel normal and be confident again. I had no idea that my weight loss journey with The Happy Shrinkers would turn out to be a path of self-discovery, joy, and confidence.

It can be quite difficult to figure out the hows and what-ifs of your fitness journey when trying to reduce weight.

What is The Happy Shrinkers?

Happy Shrinkers is a unique and effective fat loss system that uses a holistic mind and body approach that assists in achieving the balance the body requires, as well as a positive mindset to keep one motivated and moving forward. This fat loss system focuses on 4 main pillars;

  • Mindset – helps to create a mindset strategy and a new weight identity
  • Accountability – Consistent support and a wonderful community
  • Nutrition – A 3-phase, easy-to-follow and maintain eating plans and guides
  • Movement – Quick home workout program that offers a gradual and sustainable transition from fat to fit, allowing for a healthy habit of regular movement while avoiding burnout.

My Happy Shrinkers Journey

I started my 28-day shrinking challenge on the 6th of November, weighing 62kg, unmotivated, inconsistent with my eating habits and I was not really fond of the mirror. I didn’t like how I looked and how I fit in my clothes. I got tired of responding to the “Are you pregnant” question, to some I looked like I was pregnant and some days I did feel like I was but I actually had gained weight.

At the beginning of this journey, I did not expect much from myself and I thought I’d give up along the way but the mindset modules helped me silence my inner critic and break up with my limiting beliefs. Throughout the challenge, we had a wonderful, supportive community and coaching and guidance from the coach that made my weight loss journey enjoyable.

Within the 28 days, I was also using Happy Shrinkers Fat Loss supplements which include; Rapid Burn Drops, No Crave Drops, and a Protein Shake. All these supplements helped to boost my metabolism, regulate my cravings, and feel fuller for longer.

This challenge has changed my life; all it took was one simple habit change a day.

Worry & Anxiety

With the help of the Happy Shrinkers, I am now able to make better food choices, my body functioning properly, I nourish my body with the right nutrients and I got my confidence back. I like how I feel and look. At the end of the 28 days, I was weighing 8.1 kg less than when I started. I fit into my clothes again and I am not as anxious and depressed as before I started.

What I loved the most about the challenge

As a pescatarian, sometimes it can be hard following some weight loss programs as they often don’t have options for non-meat eaters, but Happy Shrinkers provides an allowed list of plant-based proteins, recipes that are delicious and easy to make plus the coach Lauren was always available to answer any of my questions and to provide more alternatives. I loved the wonderful, supportive community we had. It felt like I had virtual cheerleaders throughout the journey. This challenge did not just help me lose weight but it also changed my mindset about my body and myself. I eat to nourish my body and I love that. I wish I had started this challenge early in the year but I’m glad I did now.

I am happy with my current weight, I love how I fit into my clothes. This challenge has changed my life.

To find out more about this challenge, simply visit Happy Shrinkers and start your wonderful journey.



Used with permission from Futhi Sono, Luluspov.

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