Bible study on happy christian family and marriage

Bible study on happy christian family and marriage

Posted on January 20, 2009 Updated on January 19, 2009

Memorise: “Be not hasty in thy spirit to be angry: for anger resteth in the bosom of fools ” (Ecc 7:9)

Read: Esther 1:10-12


Under the influence of wine, king Ahasuerus made what he should jealously keep to himself become a public ridicule. Abraham was ready to trade Sarah for his life on two occasions, and therefore failed the test of love. Some Christians are not different from this king. They can go any length to give away their wives, even to the point of having them dress seductively for the opposite sex, just to obtain favours.

Some people do not mind asking their wives to fornicate with a particular fellow just to influence his decision in their favour. It is a foolish wife that will consent to such a sinful, hellful request. At such a point like Queen Vashti, the woman becomes an object – a means to an end. Whenever one’s spouse is being used this way, it is evident that love has gone down the drain.

A man lodged in a hotel with his pretty wife and young daughter. For fear of being witch haunted by relations, he preferred to move from hotel to hotel than live in a regular rented apartment. One day, the hotel owner made a pass at his wife. Instead of being angry after she told him, he jumped at it.

He asked her to agree to sleep with him so that while their meeting is in progress, he would suddenly burst into the room, organize camera shots of the scene, and blackmail their victim to either pay a huge ransom, or write off the debt they had incurred on their hotel apartment. King Ahasuerus had turned his wife, the queen, into a cheap commodity having lost his sense of value. Your wife is not a commodity. Don’t sell her!

When king Ahasuerus regained his senses, he was angry that his command had been flouted. Should he really be angry? He took a step he would not have taken if in his right mind; yet, on coming round, instead of being sorry for wanting to humiliate his wife, and praising her for not yielding, he became angry. This boils down to pride.

In several homes today, some men are angry, infact very angry over nothing. If you care to find out the basis of their anger, you would be shocked. He may say, ‘I thought she wanted to ridicule me’. But after realizing this was not the case, why remain angry?

It is pride that makes a leader or head not to accept his fault. If you are a true child of the loving God, you will easily make amends. An angry person is a fool. But getting angry over nothing or for flimsy reasons makes the fellow a bigger fool. It is foolish to maintain a situation of wrong when you have a better picture. King Ahasuerus’ anger was uncalled for. Look at yourself and examine your reasons for being angry with your neighbour. Bury that anger today!

God conducts a beauty pageant for men and women. Contestants will be evaluated by inner beauty, godly character and finery of works. Will you win in this competition?

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