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Has your life fallen into a rut? If so, it’s time for you to take action. Here are twelve fun ideas that will add dash of adventure to your life. Some are big, others small. Some require a bit of money, others are free. But all of them will help you have fun and get more out of your free time. Enjoy!

Add more adventure to your vacation

Whether you are visiting somewhere you’ve never been before, or returning to a favorite spot, you can find ways to be more adventurous. What’s the number one key for getting the most out of your vacation?

When you’re on vacation, focus on doing things you can’t do at home.

Here are three ways to do just that.

Eat local: When my husband and I are on vacation, we practice the No Franchise Policy. This means we avoid eating at franchise restaurants (because you can eat there at home). Instead, we look for local eateries. With Yelp, Trip Advisor, and Google, it’s easy to discover local restaurants that fit your preferences and budget.

Stray off the beaten path: Some of the most memorable museums we’ve visited have been small, quirky, and off the beaten path. There are a ton of passionate people out there who have created small museums that showcase that thing they love. Most only require an hour or two to visit, they’re rarely crowded, and they almost always have somebody willing to tell you as mush as you want to hear on the subject.

Try something you’ve never done before: Is your destination known for a particular food item (like lobster rolls) or a certain activity (like caving)? If so, give it a try. Or, if you’re going to a spot you’ve been before, seek out somewhere you’ve not yet seen. Is there a state park nearby? A famous landmark? A mini golf course you’ve never played? Or perhaps they offer plays or concerts in the park. With a little effort you’re sure to find something new.

Add more adventure on a date

A candlelit dinner is nice, but there are lots of other fun thing you can do to spend quality time with someone you love. The next time you go on a date with your spouse, kids, grandkids, or best girlfriends, add a dash of adventure.

For the foodies: If your palate is adventurous, try a restaurant that specialized in a an ethnic cuisine you’re not familiar with. Or seek out a truly authentic ethnic restaurant that doesn’t serve the usual fare.

For the hands-on. Instead of dinner and a movie, take a class in something that sounds fun—learn to make making sushi, craft a pottery bowl, or try your hands (er, feet) at ballroom dancing.

Go for novelty. Try an activity you’ve never done before. Go axe throwing, try and escape room, or soar in a hot-air balloon ride.

Add more adventure in your hometown

I bet that within a 15-mile radius of your house there are plenty of places you haven’t yet explored. Here are three ideas to add some adventure to your summer and discover some of the fun you’ve been missing.

Ice cream! Systematically visit every ice cream shop in the area and decide which are your favorites.  Rate them on a whole list of fun categories. Want some suggestions?

  • Most unusual flavor
  • Best waffle cone
  • Nicest view
  • Best selection
  • Longest lines
  • Most amazing sundae

Shopping, anyone? Stick your nose into five shops you’ve never been to. Find out what they sell and decide who among your friends would love this particular shop. (Make sure to tell your friend about your discovery.)

Find a local expert. Every town has local inhabitants who know the history and like to talk about it. You might find one at the local historical society, the library, or a shop run by someone who loves to talk about the area. Ask them to play tour guide and show you a few local spots. Or, ask them to tell you about your hometown’s hidden secrets.

Add more adventure in your own backyard

Invite your friends over for a Tasting party. Wine, chocolate, cheese, coffee. Whatever you love to eat or drink, you can make a fun evening of tasting it together. If you have the budget, there are businesses that will sell you curated tasting kits in a variety of foods. Or you can make up your own collection of fun varieties to sample with friends. For optimum adventure, choose a few items/brands you’ve not tasted before.

Eat al fresco. When I was a kid, we ate dinner outside on the patio whenever we could. It was a little more work, but it made the meal extra special. In our current house, mosquitoes are a major hindrance, but if your backyard is suitable for dining, make use of it.

Camp out in the backyard. (Tent optional.) Your backyard is a very different place after dark. Spend an evening sitting around, watching fireflies, nibbling S’mores, gazing at the stars, and hoping for glimpses of nocturnal wildlife like owls, raccoons, or flying squirrels.

I realize this isn’t an option for everyone in this day and age. If sleeping out in the backyard isn’t a safe option, perhaps you can find a park or campground where you can stay past dark and enjoy the stars. Or, just enjoy “camping out” in your living room. We actually pushed furniture out of the way and erected our tent in the family room one time so the boys could sleep out with friends even though the weather didn’t cooperate.

Bonus idea: Hold a yard game Olympics. Pull out all your favorites, from badminton to corn hole and see who’s the gold medal yard game expert among your family or friends. While you’re at it, add a few creative events like Twister, an eggs toss, a dizzy bat race, or an obstacle course. (Kids love these. Make them crawl under lawn chairs, zigzag around paper cups, jump over empty boxes, and balance while walking along a two-by-four.)

Which of these ideas will you try this month?

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