Easter sermon: Jesus paid it all

13 Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us: for it is written, Cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree:

14 That the blessing of Abraham might come on the Gentiles through Jesus Christ; that we might receive the promise of the Spirit through faith.

🗣Jesus paid for your salvation

🗣Jesus paid for your peace

🗣Jesus paid for your Joy

🗣Jesus paid for your redemption

🗣Jesus paid for your deliverance

🗣Jesus paid for your ticket to heaven

🗣Jesus paid for your prosperity

🗣Jesus paid for your visa to heaven

🗣Jesus paid the dowry for your marriage to the lamb

🗣Jesus paid for your meal ticket for the marriage supper of the lamb of God

🗣Jesus paid for your sins

🗣Jesus paid for your victory over witchcraft

🗣Jesus paid the gate fee for

🗣Jesus paid all your debtors

🗣Jesus paid all your debts

🗣Jesus paid all your fees

🗣Jesus paid all your tuition fees in heaven for eternity

🗣Jesus paid for your plane ticket to Canaanland

🗣Jesus paid for your first class ticket to the promised land

🗣Jesus paid for your milk and honey

🗣Jesus paid for what you are supposed to pay

🗣Jesus paid for what you are unable to pay

🗣Jesus paid for what you cant never be able to pay

1. He was betrayed by a disciple and friend – Matthew 26 vs. 48-50…No one shall be able to betray you in Jesus name

3. False witnesses conspired and told lies against Him – Matthew 26 vs. 60..Evil conspirators shall be put to shame in Jesus name

4. They spat on Him – Matthew 26 vs.67,35.. Receive the anointing of TOUCH NOT in Jesus name

5. They battered Him – Matthew 26 vs. 67..No one shall come against you in Jesus name

6. They slapped His face – Matthew 26 vs. 67..Evil hands raised against you shall wither in Jesus

7. His disciples deserted Him and fled – Matthew 26 vs. 56..so that you will never be stranded

8. His trusted disciple denounced Him with an oath – Matthew 26 vs. 24…..You shall not be deserted

10. They striped Him of His clothes – Matthew 27 vs.28..You shall never be naked in Jesus name

9. They bind Him with chains – Matthew 27 vs. 2..Evil hands around you fall off now in Jesus name

11. They scourged Him – Matthew 27 vs. 26…No weapon forged against you shall prosper in Jesus name

12. They made Him walk naked and put on only scarlet robe on Him – Matthew 27 vs. 28..Receive the robe of honour in Jesus name

13. They placed a crown of thorns on His head – Matthew 27 vs. 29..receive a crown of glory in Jesus name

14. He was mocked – Matthew 27 vs. 29..No more shame No more disgrace, in Jesus name

15. They hit his head with sticks – Matthew 27 vs. 30….I mark your head with the blood of Jesus

16. They forced Him to drink wine – Matthew 27 vs. 34.. I drink the blood of Jesus

They divided His garments – Matthew 27 vs. 35..I divide your shame among your adversaries in Jesus name

18. Passerby mocked Him – Matthew 27 vs. 39..Mockers receive a slap from heaven

Even thieves mocked Him – Matthew 27 vs. 44…..Heaven shall mock my mockers in Jesus

They crucified Him – Matthew 27 vs. 35

🗣I crucify ⚔ my flesh in Jesus name

I crucify ⚔ my lusts in Jesus name

I crucify ⚔ my sins in Jesus name

I crucify ⚔ my sicknesses in Jesus name

They crucified Him – Matthew 27 vs. 35..so that you will not die prematurely

They crucified Him – Matthew 27 vs. 35..so that you will not die though accident

They crucified Him – Matthew 27 vs. 35..so that you will not be killed by armed robbers or terrorists

0 They crucified Him – Matthew 27 vs. 35..so that sin will not crucify you

Jesus has paid for your salvation…do you wish to accept his offer for paradise?

I Babatope Babalobi accept Jesus, the one way ticket to heaven

Jesus Jesus Jesus

Heaven Heaven Heaven

Hossana Hossana Hossana

Halleluyah Halleluyah Hallluyah

Victory is mine Victory is mine Victory is mine

happy Easter happy Easter Happy Easter

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