God’s will is not a golden Easter egg!

No Excuses! Why feelings do not excuse bad behavior.

Okay, pardon me while I get out a soapbox…as you may know, I have many.Ok, are you ready for this?We have got to stop making excuses for our children! Do not let your kids use their feelings as an excuse for their actions. For example, being shy is not an excuse to be rude. Our incredibly beautiful, now third-grade daughter often feels timid when encountering new situations or large crowds of people. I totally get this. Despite how outgoing I can be when I either have an “important” role to play or am comfortable in my surroundings, for many years I would …

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“It can be hard to find true authenticity in a world that is photoshopped and edited at every turn. You often don’t know what’s real and what’s not. And then there is Jenny Zentz. She’s the real deal! I have laughed and I have cried reading (or watching) what she shares. Jenny is just like you and me…a woman, juggling marriage and parenting and trying to keep God at the center. With her transparent, straightforward and often humorous style, she will help you discover practical ways to apply the power of God’s Word to all aspects of your life.”

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