Top 10 posts of 2020

In case you missed them.

Here are our top ten posts, based on how many times they’ve been read in 2020:

  1. Abraham’s life: a summary (Gen 12–25)
  2. ‘Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord’ (Ex 14:13-15)
  3. When your life is threatened (Mt 8:23-27)
  4. Jesus the activist
  5. What’s the unforgivable sin? (Mt 12:30-32)
  6. Unconditional forgiveness? (Mt 6:14-15)
  7. Who was the sower? (Mt 13:1-23)
  8. Jesus the healer (Mt 8:14-17)
  9. KINGDOM SUMMARY: Matthew 1–10
  10. Why does context matter? (Mt 12:33)

What’s fascinating is that they were all written in previous years. That’s encouraging: these resources are gaining traction, being discovered more over time than when first posted.

The most popular new post in 2020 was Peace in troubled times.

One day we’ll pull together the posts on Matthew as a commentary. So far, we have 190 posts on the first 19 chapters. In the meantime, use the indexes to locate what you want: by Scripture or by topic.

Seeking to understand Jesus in the terms he chose to describe himself: son of man (his identity), and kingdom of God (his mission). Riverview College Dean
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