For Those Who Were Never Chosen For The Team…

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I was just thinking a little bit about being the one who is not chosen for different tasks.

I don’t know about you, but in school I was never the first one chosen for the team. You know the routine – everyone is lined up, the two team captains are selected, and then they pick out who they want on their teams from the anxiously awaiting mob.

You hold your hand up and perhaps say, “Pick me, pick me!” And they look past you and intentionally choose another. Then the other team captain makes his choice, and on it goes until there are a only a few people left and there you still stand. Talk about rejection!

“All right, I’ll take Laurie,” one team captain would finally say and I would walk over to his side, head hung low in embarrassment. Maybe that’s you too.

You were not picked for the team or the position you hoped for. You were passed over for another. Or maybe that guy or girl rejected you.

Well, I have some good news for you today. Jesus Christ has chosen you for His team! He did not take you just because you were the only one left. No, before you were even born, He CHOSE you to be His Child.

Jesus said, “You didn’t choose me, but I chose you!” (John 15:16 ESV)

And the good news for those of us who were not the great athletes or academics or whatever, is this: Jesus can do extraordinary things through ordinary people.

Remember, you can never be too small for God to use, only too big!


Used with permission from Greg Laurie.

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