Testimony: Raised from the dead to live forever – Raising Zion

“I was born to a nominal Christian family. When I came out of my mothers womb, I was dead. My parents and relatives were shocked and devastated. They took my dead body, and buried it. As my entire family stood by the grave sobbing and questioning God, my mother called out to God saying, “God, if you give me my daughter back, I will give her to serve you full-time.”

My relatives started discouraging her and helping her realise that I was already buried, and in the grave. She refused to listen, and cried out vehemently to God. Suddenly, everyone heard the cry of a baby, it was faint, yet clear enough for all to hear. There wasn’t any child around apart from me who was 6 feet under. As they strained their ears, they realised it was me – they immediately dug me out – I was alive!

I was always a sick child. Falling sick every now and then. It was getting very difficult for my parents raising me. One day a sickness troubled me so bad that I was bedridden for four years. I was taken to various hospitals and moved from one to another over a span of 4 months. The doctors gave up unable to diagnose my condition. My parents had spent all of their money for my medication.

A little further away from home, there was a temple called “Mariam”. Many sick would get healed there. My parents decided they would leave me at the temple if I got healed. Nothing seemed to improve. During my board exams (Standard X) I ended up having a severe condition that caused my feet to become useless. I could not walk anymore. All the doctors my parents reached out to said that I’ll never walk again.

A believer friend reached out to us and suggested I be taken to her church where the full-time ministers would pray over me. My parents decided to take me. That day, around 25 ministers held hands and began to pray over me. My parents did not have the faith to believe that I could receive healing. They took me back home.

As days passed, my situation seemed to get worse. I hadn’t eaten for a long while. Whatever I consumed would be vomited. Frustrated, my mother decided to suffocate and kill me. She left me in a corner after a failed attempt. She was completely broken and weak. The same day, a minister from the church came home asking about my state. When she looked at me, she asked my mother if I had a calling for full-time ministry. My Mother was surprised with the question, and nodded yes. The minister requested to take me to church so the sisters in church could pray alongside as they nursed me. My parents agreed.

The day I was taken to church, the lead sister at this Pentecostal church gave me food and water. My parents reminded them that I wouldn’t be able to eat. The ministers prayed over the food and gave me to eat. I ate and drank and went to sleep peacefully that night. Within days, I had a dream. In the dream, a young man, bright and in white, approached me. I also saw a cross, and blood dripping from it. The young man explained how He had died for me on the cross, etc. As I heard the message of Calvarys cross and what Jesus did for me, I stood up physically, while in the dream. I was completely healed. I surrendered myself to Christ for full-time ministry.

I received a mighty anointing of the Holy Spirit before entering into ministry. It’s been over 14 years in ministry and God has been my comforter and guide till date.”

Note: Names and certain incidents are omitted for anonymity without compromising on the essence, for the edification of readers and believers.

Used with permission from Nehemiah Zion.

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