17 Powerful Prayers For A Future Husband

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The time to start praying for a husband is before getting married. Here are some of the ways I pray over my (Lord willing) future husband.

1)  Pray for his salvation.

2) Pray that God purges and debugs him from all satanic programming, including all  ideology, all attitudes, and all behaviors that are not in agreement with God’s holiness and His word.

3) Pray God reprograms him in holiness, righteousness, love and in truth.

4) Pray that he loves God with all of his heart, all of his soul, all of his mind, and all of his strength, and loves his neighbors as himself.

5) Pray that God aligns his heart and mind according to His good and perfect will; pray that he submits himself to Jesus Christ, in every thing.

6) Pray that God teaches him to fear Him; that God puts the fear of the Lord in his heart, and that God equips him with discernment.

7) Pray that he does God’s will above all else, will be able to hear God’s voice and instructions, and that he surrenders himself fully to obey.

8) Pray about his temperament, that he is gentle, meek, humble, peaceful.

9) Pray that he knows and accepts that his identity is in who he is in Jesus Christ.

10) Pray for his healing and wholeness; that God delivers and heals him from any soul ties, harmful baggage, emotional wounds and unhealthy mindsets.

11) Pray that he is a wise steward and pleasing to God over all that God has given him to oversee, including time, money, and talents.

12) Pray that God softens and purifies his heart in all things, including in his attitude toward women, and pray that he sees women the way God sees women.

13) Pray that he is tender with you as his wife, and that he has a pure heart, a loving heart and behavior toward you, loving me selflessly as Christ loved the church.

14) Pray that he sees sexual intimacy the way God sees it, and is purged from any  ungodly thought processes, tendencies, or aspirations concerning sexual intimacy.

15) Pray he knows and accepts that as a woman, and as his wife, that you are equally loved by God and equally important in the sight of God; pray he accepts and understands that God holds him responsible for how he treats you.

16) Pray that he be faithful to God and faithful/loyal and committed to you in everything.

17) Pray for his overall well-being- mind, spirit, and body, and that God heals and restores every part of him.

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