God Has Got You

The past year has been quite a challenge for all of us. From the pandemic to quarantine, all of our lives have been turned upside down. Many of us are struggling on how to put the pieces of our lives back together again so that we can move forward. Sometimes we feel like we have lost all sense of normalcy or certainty in our lives. How do we heal from all of the trials and tests that we’ve all faced? How do we know we are following God’s best for our lives?

The answer to the path of healing is found in discovering the three R’s: reconnect, realign, and reactivate our lives.

When the pandemic hit, many of us were stunned by the impact it caused. We were locked up in our homes. We were not allowed to attend church. Our schools were closed. Almost every area of our lives had been affected by Covid-19. This brought us to a reality that we had never experienced before. Many of us seemed unclear on what our next move would be. The first R, reconnect, is the answer to the rescue we do desperately need. When we are lost or confused we must first turn our thoughts and hearts towards God running into His arms. When we reconnect with God, accept His love, and lean into His guidance, then our lives will have a new level of clarity and direction.

We begin the second phase as we get to the next R, realign. We begin to realign with God by allowing God to move through our broken hearts and shattered dreams so that we can find healing. We realign our thoughts and plans as we seek God’s will and ways for our lives. When we realign, we are made whole and live in step with God’s purpose for our lives.

The final R, reactivate, is the most essential step in the three R’s. This comes from the supernatural power that lives inside of us. We must reactivate or stir up the power inside of us, the living power of God called the Holy Spirit. Then as we reactivate this power of God living inside of us, it enables us to reconnect, realign, and reactivate our lives in God’s strength and wisdom. So that, we know God will orchestrate your steps to give you your best life now! You will find peace knowing He’s got you!

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Used with permission from Saundra Dalton-Smith.

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