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Ray Oster


All orders go through our approval process before a payment is made. Place your order, then allow up to 3 days to receive our approval notification to make a payment.


Through technology, many businesses has become automated and removed the interactions with their clients. They are more interested with making money faster and doing less talking with the least number of staff necessary. Devine Jamz is different. We build relationships with our clients and partners! We believe effective and old school communication is still the essence of good services. The All-In-One Marketing is loaded with marketing services in 3 different packages. Using the artist’s budget, direct-to-fan marketing, skilled techniques, partnerships, industry connections and a team of in-house promoters, fans are targeted and driven to artist’s landing pages, artist’s multimedia sources with services to include but not limited to:

  • Artist’s discography / news published on record label.
  • Commercial FM Radio Airplay and potentially chart Billboard.
  • Charting BDSradio Internet Airplay.
  • Article on 500 newspapers.
  • YouTube organic, guaranteed views.
  • Facebook, Instagram organic marketing / conversions.
  • Distributor store marketing for potential sales.
  • News Columnist Interview / publishing on major urban entertainment news platforms.
  • 5,700 newswire networks syndication.
  • Proper song tagging / encoding for tracking.
  • Professional music review by experienced writer.
  • Ensure royalties are set up correctly.
  • Continuing consultation for current and upcoming projects for 12, 6, or 3 months.

We do more by personally engaging with artists, build a working relationship, educate you about our music business strategies and help you with your project as a major label would. No automation services here! We really put in work for our clients. We connect your work to music executives that took us time and trust for us to receive their influence. It’s all hands-on deck with various promoters, marketers and media companies involved to establish your personal marketing team sort of speak. Devine Jamz’s marketing team leader is your point of contact and delegates specific assignments to each specialist. It’s the next best thing to having a major label working on your behalf without a signed contract. You are allowed to be a free agent with us! View packages for specifics.

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All-In-One Packages

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