Christmas messages: Why was Jesus born?

Christmas messages: Why was Jesus born?

Posted on December 27, 2021 Updated on December 17, 2021

Luke 2 vs. 11 For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour is born which is Christ the Lord –

  1. When God created the earth as recounted in Genesis 1, man was sinless.
  2. Man was also supposed to live forever in fellowship with God. But this was based on one simple condition- man must worship God and disobey his commandments.
  3. In creating man, God gave man the freewill to decide on his choices, between good and bad, right or wrong.
  4. Unfortunately, the first man-Adam, lured by his wife- Eve (acting under the influence of Satan a fallen angel of God) disobeyed God by eating the forbidden fruit in the garden of Even- Genesis 3.  God had commanded that both of that must not taste of this fruit.
  5. As a result of this sin ( act of disobedience) , man fell from the favour of God, lost the opportunity of living for ever, and came under the dominion of Satan who influenced man to act contrary to God.
  6. Since Adam and Eve were the first human beings that were created, every of their offspring (now including you and I) automatically inherited the genetic sinful from them, lost the opportunity of living on earth forever, and also came under the influence and dominion of Satan.
  7. Sin became a debt man owned to God, and every man that was being born through a biological process inherited this debt. If let unchecked, man would be under the dominion of God forever. The penalty or punishment to be paid for this sin is death, both physically and spiritually.
  8. God is fair, and would not bend rules even in his own case. Though he was saddened by the downfall of man, he had to work out a fair way of redeeming man from his debt.
  9. The only person that could pay back this ‘debt’ back to God on behalf of man, and clear man of his sin is someone who is not born through the ancestral line of Adam and Eve, and therefore blameless.
  10. No man on the face of earth that biologically descended from Adam and Eve could pay this debt and clear man from the sin of the Garden of Eden.
  11.  God had to come to earth in human form to perform this redeeming role. Since God was not created or born through a biological process, he alone is sinless and blameless.
  12. He caused himself to be divinely born through a virgin woman- Mary outside the natural process of sexual intercourse between a man and a woman.
  13. To put in simply, Virgin Mary had spiritual (rather than the human sexual) intercourse with the Holy Spirit thereby empowering Mary to conceive a child.  This should not be difficult to understand for anyone if we know and accept the fact that God is the creator who created the first man through a non biological process.
  14. The Holy Spirit is a person, and a form of God. He is invisible and acts for and on behalf of God on earth.
  15. To explain further, God manifests in three forms- as God, the father, as God the Holy Spirit, and with the birth of Jesus, as the Son of God. But this is not the subject of discussion here.
  16. Jesus Christ is therefore and in fact God in human form.
  17. Mary was not only a virgin but was conceived of the Holy Spirit, before the birth of Jesus Christ. Now, sin is naturally inherited through the paternal line, because the man is divinely recognized as the Head of the family. This means a child cannot inherit sin from his mother, but only from the mother.
  18. Jesus Christ was therefore born sinless and blameless. A perfect person to carry out the work of canceling the sin of man as inherited from the Garden of Eden.
  19. The main reason Jesus was born was therefore to cancel man’s sin and destroy the dominion of Satan who originally lured him into sin over him. To achieve this, God worked it out so that Jesus was wrongly charged and crucified for an offence he did not commit. The people who committed this act worked under the influence of Satan, the fallen of God who originally caused man to sin, and was hitherto denying man access to God’s benefit. (By using that sin of man as a basis of accusing man before God.)
  20. This had two implications. First, by influencing the process of the cruxification of a blameless man, Satan himself committed a sin, and therefore lost the moral basis of continuing accusing man of sin in the Garden of Eden. Second, there is a spiritual law that the only way of canceling a sin or offence committed against God is by shedding a blood. Before the birth of Jesus, the Israelites made blood sacrifices in order to seek forgiveness of God from their sins. But since this blood was of animals, it was not perfect and could not permanently cleanse mankind of his sins.
  21. Because Jesus was a sinless and perfect human being, only his blood became the perfect sacrifice to wipe off the original sin of man; and destroy all the evil works of Satan over man brought about by Satan’s dominion over man.
  22. Jesus was therefore born in order to achieve a goal of cleansing man from the originally sin that every man inherited from Adam and Eve, and restored the originally plan of God of ensuring Man lives forever in fellowship with God.
  23. It is for this simple reason that Jesus Christ is called a Savior. By his birth and death on the cross, Jesus successfully performed his salvation mission.
  24. Now, any man that now wants to be reconciled from his fallen state back to God had to come to Jesus, and use name to get to the God.
  25. Jesus is therefore like the visa to heaven- and in this case the only available visa. No other person in history was sent by God to perform this redeeming mission. Jesus is the ticket to God. He is the Key to the gates of Heaven. He is the power of God over every satanic dominion on earth. He is the Saviour.
  26. As the world marks and celebrate Christmas, the birth of Jesus every one must know why Jesus was born. And the big question is have you availed yourself the golden opportunity of becoming reconciled to God through Jesus Christ?
  27. Here are simple steps you should take now to achieve this:
    • Repent of any known or unknown sins. Repentance means regretting the sins and deciding not to commit the sins again.
    • Tell Jesus Christ that you believe his salvation mission and ask Jesus Christ the Saviour to cleanse these sins away by his precious blood.
    • Ask God to forgive you of these sins and accept you back as his son.
    • Tell the Holy Spirit, the form of God on earth to come and guide your life in holiness henceforth.
    • Congratulations! You are now a born again- a child of God.
    • To build your relationship with God, start attending a local Christian church where you will listen to the word of God and share experiences with other Christian.
    • Get a copy of the Holy Bible and read more about God and his plans for you.
    • Talk to God in prayer.

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