Thank You for Your Support in 2021!

Greg Laurie

To all who have supported Harvest Ministries over the last year with your prayers and financial support, I want to say thank you. Certainly, 2021 has been an epic year for our ministry. Let me give you a few stats from this year’s impact:

  • We’ve been able to reach over 103 million people this year through all our platforms, whether through Harvest at Home, SoCal Harvest, A New Beginning radio, or Harvest TV.
  • Across all our ministries, we’ve seen 100,000 people make a profession of faith in Jesus Christ.
  • Amazingly, we’ve shipped out over 20,000 New Believer’s Bibles to people, getting them started in their new relationship with Jesus Christ.

We would not have done any of this if you did not do what you do, so thank you!

And as we close out this year, I would ask: Would you continue to pray for us and consider supporting us as we enter 2022 with bold plans to share the gospel in new places and venues?

Let’s see what the Lord will do!

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This season, invest in transformed lives; support evangelism through Harvest Ministries.

Used with permission from Greg Laurie.

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