Unpopular Truth And Other Helpful Tips To Tell A Daughter – Impacting Righteously

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Many girls and women have been left unprepared to face life- especially, in regard to relationships. For whatever reasons, they commonly have been left largely uninformed by their elders; by those who love them, and could have been properly equipping them with knowledge. So many girls and women go through life misguided about relationships, due to lack of knowledge and unpreparedness.

It is necessary for parents to model the right examples for their children. Children should not only receive godly instruction, but their self-esteem should be built through the nurturing, admonition, love, and encouragement they receive from their parents. There should be lots of love and godly instruction from parents to their children over the years.

Disorder starts in the homes. Boys and girls often do not receive proper instruction and training at home.

They grow up misguided, having wrong mindsets that negatively influence their behavior, relationships, and consequently, society.

There are so many things to teach a son or a daughter, and these are just a few. I have no children, but if I had a daughter, it would be necessary to:

1) Tell her about Jesus and salvation while living a godly life before her.

2) Tell her she is loved by God (John 3: 16).

3) Tell her that she is fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalms 139 : 14).

4) Teach her to love God above all, and to love herself (Matthew 22 :36 -38).

5) Teach her to love others as herself (Matthew 22: 39-40), and to love and be a blessing to other girls and women.

6) Teach her to value herself.

7) Teach her that her worth is God-given, and 100% independent of her relationship status with people; 100% independent of men or their approval.

8) Tell her that her identity is in Jesus Christ; not in people, places, or things (2 Corinthians 5: 17).

9) Notify her that no relationship is worth trading her spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being for.

10) Warn her that some people are not raised correctly, and are left wild, untrained, and are not bred for love or relationships. She should guard her heart and choose wisely.

11) Acknowledge that the fairy tales, movies, and romance novels are depictions based mainly on fantasy, and encourage her to avoid them.

12) Emphasize to her that she should wait for marriage to have sex, and teach her the importance of holiness.

13) Educate her on STDS and pregnancy outside of marriage.

14) Explain the best way I can how different men and women are; that boys and men are wired and often conditioned completely differently than girls and women.

15) Teach her to respect men and to ALWAYS hold her man accountable to high standards, which are God’s righteous precepts and statutes.

16) Notify her that some folks are actors who will not have her best interest in mind, but their own, and she will need to be aware, consistently pray, and use discernment (1 Peter 5: 8).

17) Teach her to always pray and to never forsake her intuition.

18) Warn her about the dangerous world in which we live, and give her supporting Biblical prophecies and examples of current events.

19) Remind her to not live in fear, but to never live carelessly or be overly trusting. Instead, live in prayerful awareness.

20) Admonish her to carry herself modestly and soberly. Encourage her to dress so as to respect her body and not to entice men.

21) Explain to her that some people can be incredibly stubborn, and to NEVER assume she can change anyone, including her man.

22) Teach her to choose her friends and company very wisely and prayerfully. In order to have friends, she should be a friend.

23) Teach her that while being cautious, she should keep a positively neutral opinion of people until they prove themselves either way.

24) Emphasize to her that certainly, there are ideal relationship partners out there, but a significant portion will not be good to her or for her, thanks to bad parenting, society, and the adversary.

25) Tell her that as a Christian, she is not to become unequally yoked with any man who is not in the Lord. 2 Corinthians 6: 14-18.

26) Teach her to be independent career-wise, and in general, but to allow and expect her man to offer to provide things for her. Let her know she would become interdependent in marriage.

27) Teach her that life begins at conception, and should be cherished, protected and preserved.

28) Encourage and remind her that yes, miracles do happen, and she ought to pray for them. God will provide, as she trusts in Him, and seeks His will for her.

29) Encourage her to prayerfully use her intuition, be logical, and stick to actual facts, in order to avoid being led astray by her feelings or emotions.

30) Let her know that many of the boys and men are driven by unbridled lust and ego. She must be very careful to guard her heart, her body, and never, ever settle.

31) Remind her to keep a positive attitude and remain hopeful.

32) Teach her to always trust God and keep Him first in everything.



Used with permission from Petrina Ferguson.

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