Practical Theology Question: Can Cheaters Remarry? – Divorce Minister

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“And if she divorces her husband and marries another man, she commits adultery.”

-Mark 10:12, NIV

  The simple answer to this question is “Yes.” However, the full answer is more complicated than that. It is like asking if a spouse can cheat? Yes, but…

If the question is whether a cheater can remarry another person without sinning, then I think the answer is much different.

The Bible does not leave that option open to the spouse that blew up the marriage covenant by committing adultery. These words from Jesus in Mark make that clear.

People celebrating a cheater remarrying in the church are celebrating sin.

Obviously, this is different for faithful spouses. They are free to remarry any Christian they choose as Jesus releases them from the marriage per Mathew 19:9. A cheater is able to remarry his or her original spouse without sinning. However, that is the only remarriage allowed per Scripture.

Now, the law allows the cheater to remarry. They have the power to do so.

This is the price adulterous parties pay for sinning against God and their spouse as I read Scripture.

Now, I do not think it wise to try and control what our exes do with their lives. God allows us to sin after all. Plus, it is not good for us to try to control what we cannot–namely, the actions of an ex. The sin of a cheater remarrying is on their own heads for choosing to defy God, and God is big enough to handle such defiance. We do not have to do His job for Him.   Appreciate what I share here on the blog? Consider purchasing my book:


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