Welcome to One Word 2023-HOPE! – Serenity in Suffering

Donna Bucher

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Welcome to my One Word 2023 Journey with Hope! Experiencing God move me from a place of timid happiness to scandalous Joy in Christ, forging a deeper trust in Him, resulting in Resilience, which birthed a relentless Hope, positioned me for my 2023 One Word Journey.

Already off to a good start pursuing the power of Hope in 2023, I anticipate a robust journey of discovery in the months ahead. Please come along and we will learn more about Hope together!

hands holding glass globe with tree growing out of it, pursuing the power of hope

Pursuing the Power of Hope

Choosing a word companion each new year provides a singular focus within the events of that year. God revealed my 2023 word a few months ago, weaving a three-fold cord with my 2021 One Word, Joy, 2022 One Word Resilience and newcomer Hope as the 2023 One Word candidate. Pursuing the power of Hope throughout 2023 involves… READ MORE

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