10 Things A Wise And Noble Woman Does Not Do

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Quality of life is affected by all the decisions one makes, whether the decisions are in matters great or small. Though imperfect, a woman of integrity will prioritize doing what is right. The prudent woman will avoid many pitfalls as she navigates through life.

In this post is a list of wrong things that some women do. The list is good for me to remember for myself even. These behaviors should be avoided by all who are aiming to please God or simply want to live a more enjoyable, peaceful life.

A wise woman of integrity does not practice:

1. Going after married or otherwise taken men.

There are women who specialize in going to bed with or spending inappropriate time with someone else’s boyfriend or husband. These women are brazen. They are very disrespectful and have no regard for the woman and her relationship.

Yes, the man they are participating with is equally to blame. What women should always remember is that people reap what they sow. Also, what happened to the golden rule? What happened to the second great commandment where people love their neighbor as themselves ( Mark 12: 31)?

“Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” Galatians 6: 7. 

A woman who deals inappropriately with any other woman’s man is inviting something bad to happen in her own relationship (s). Somehow, things will backfire. She best believe it.

2. Envying other women.

Envying someone else comes from a lack of gratitude. It comes from insecurity. It comes from entitlement. Instead of some women encouraging, supporting and being sincerely happy for each other’s successes and blessings, some women envy and compete with other women to the point where they can’t even really have friendships with other women.

Envying someone can mean envying what they have or envying who they are. It can mean being envious of what they look like. The Bible says covetousness is idolatry. Idolatry is something we are to put away. While it is not good for anyone to be envious or covetous, those professing godliness certainly should put away idolatry (Colossians 3: 5).

3. Falsely accusing men of violence/ assault (or anything else).

To tell a lie is a bad thing. To tell a lie and accuse a man or anyone else of committing  the worst types of crimes is even more devastating. False accusations tarnish and ruin people’s reputation. They ruin lives. This is deplorable. It is shameful. There are women who falsely accuse men of specific types of assault or general domestic violence when and if they don’t get their way.

If a man cheats on them, they may accuse him of various types of assault. If he breaks up with her, the woman scorned may tell  devastating lies on him. These false accusations also serve to potentially discredit women who are true victims.

4. Participating in and or covering up her man’s criminal behaviors.

There are women who idolize men to the point of submitting to doing criminal acts with or for their man. Sometimes, they will cover up his criminal behavior. Some may not comply with law enforcement unless their man either cheats or breaks up with them.

Then all of a sudden, they want to cooperate
with law enforcement who is trying to deal with their man. Someone can do the right thing for the completely wrong reason. Motive is key.

5. Competing with and copying male promiscuity and other bad behaviors.

If you can’t beat them, join them!” I’ve heard it before from women in reference to their man cheating.
Why stoop? Does it truly help the problem if some people are practicing lawlessness and others decide to get on board with it?

It is better to influence people in a good way. Copying their bad behavior won’t change anything for the better. Instead, it is  compromising one’s own integrity and well-being when they resort to imitating and competing with bad behavior.

6. Using her beauty and sexual appeal to manipulate and take advantage of men.

Some women flirt and use their beauty to get their way with men. Some tease men. They may wear seductive clothing or lead men on in various ways. They only want to go so far, but then are upset when it goes further than they wanted it to.

For example, a woman may be very seductive in her dress and manner toward a man, so he responds and comes onto her. She may want to go all the way or may want to back off.

Yet, he is already provoked in that regard. He should not cross her boundaries if she does not want to proceed, but her attention seeking and leading him on is a big part of the problem.

God-given dynamics are such that a woman doesn’t need to tease or take advantage of a man in order for him to be smitten with her if he finds her attractive. Men who are into women are naturally attracted to women they find beautiful. Some men will already give preference and do special favors for the woman that they find beautiful.

If the single woman doesn’t throw herself at him and do all the work for him, a single man would do the work to win her over if he is into her. No woman should capitalized on and take advantage of this.

I think a substantial amount of men see sex as conquest. I say this based on my observation of some of them when it comes to their attitudes about sex. My conclusion is also based on things that some have said. Some see sex as a challenge and know that some women have taken advantage of their natural, God-given sexual power.

Some men seek accomplishment through sexual “conquest” which often requires deception on their part. They have different maneuvers to get a woman to do what they want them to do. Some dog or mistreat women after “conquering” them sexually.

7. Taking decent men for granted or treating them as if they are boring.

One thing I have noticed is that plenty women claim to like “nice” guys. Yet, some go for men who are the opposite of kind and respectful. They go for charmers, players, love-bombers. There seems to be this magnetic appeal that dangerous men have to some women.

Some women have met a nice man and they are bitter about their previous experiences. This kind of woman may take her pain, unforgiveness and bitterness out on her innocent partner.

Other women are simply lacking insight. Maybe they have not been trained and taught properly. Perhaps they have bought into the social conditioning that has placed importance on superficiality rather than integrity.

There are different reasons some women lack knowledge. There are literally women who claim a man is boring when he is a hard worker, may be a bit low-key and not a partier. Isn’t integrity what truly matters?

8. Talking too much; gossiping, telling secrets.

Some boys and men struggle with expressing themselves because many are conditioned to supress themselves in that regard. Some could eventually become comfortable with their lady and become vulnerable with her. This is a good thing.

However, some women do not properly honor this vulnerability or keep a secret. The woman may go out and tell his business.

It is possible a woman may have a negative reaction, not knowing how to respond to his vulnerability. She may “confide” in others about what he told her. He may never open up again after that. Instead of showing him that she is a safe place, she has shown him that she cannot be trusted. She has confirmed to him that it is not safe for him to open up.

9. Mocking men who don’t meet the status quo.
For example, one young lady relayed to me that there are ladies who are making fun of men who are virgins! What a tragedy. Women mocking male virgins may contribute to or increase incel prevalence.

These women are clearly adding to the problem of male promiscuity and encouraging a double standard that says in order for a man to be “cool” he should lack morals.

A woman who makes fun of a man who is a virgin is working against the people who desire for men to understand that having sex does not make them more of a man.

Some women even mock men who are more sensitive and express themselves in a way that those women may not anticipate that a man should express himself.

Like some men, some women have been brainwashed to believe that men should bottle up their emotions and not express certain emotions or have a healthy release for their feelings or emotions.

10. Abusing men.

Yes, as we know, women can be abusers and many are. This can be physical, emotional, verbal or psychological abuse, etc. One way some women are abusive is to emasculate a man. They may question his intelligence, make fun of his body, or various aspects of his body. They may be generally disrespectful or put their hands on him in an unkind way. There are many ways to abuse a man. No one should be abusing anyone.

I pray that men in these situations are not ashamed to report abuse and seek therapy for any healing that they need. They should always do what they can to protect themselves. Restraining a woman does not mean that he has to strike her. He could just ward off her attack.

A combative woman should be avoided at all costs. Staying away from her can protect both the man and her. He may be harmed by her or tempted to strike back if he doesn’t put distance between himself and her.

“It is better to dwell in the wilderness, than with a contentious and an angry woman.”

Proverbs 21: 19. KJV.

May God grant wisdom to all who desire it and empower us to love as He commands us to. Loving others as we are called to can and will solve so many problems.

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