Are Christmas gifts biblical?

Are Christmas gifts biblical?

Posted on December 24, 2021 Updated on December 17, 2021

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One of the notable features of Christmas is the act of giving and receiving gifts. Several days before Christmas, gifts in forms of cards, hampers, and souvenirs are exchanged among workers, friends, relations, and associates.

Boxing day, the day after Christmas day is particularly set aside for the exchange of gifts among loved ones.

Trading and Shopping is at its peak during the Christmas season. Shopping malls, boutiques and markets usually have the highest year sales in the days preceding Christmas.

Are you planning to send gifts to friends and relations this season? Are you also expecting to receive form love ones. Let me ask another question – Do you know that God also gives Christmas gifts to his children? Have you ever received a Christmas gift from God?  Are you expecting a gift for God, your heavenly father.

These questions may look unusual. How would Gold give a Christmas…

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