Are you a born again Christian?

Are you a born again Christian?

Posted on May 31, 2016 Updated on May 31, 2016

John 3 vs. 3: Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.

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I met a lady online yesterday, she had contacted me for counselling, and I noticed she was almost half nude in her displayed photo. She told me she is a Christian, explaining that the photo is her gym attire. I then asked her if she is a born again Christian, as the photo portrayed her more of a sex worker. She then asked me the difference between a Christian and a born again Christian. The compilation below is a response to the question on the difference between a Christian and a born again Christian

  1. A Christian believes in Jesus Christ, a born again Christian is a disciple of Jesus.
  2. A Christian is church goer, a born again Christian is a servant in the church.
  3. A Christian attends only Sunday service, a born again Christian attends Sunday services and week day services.
  4. A Christian opens his Bible only on Sundays during sermons, a born again Christian reads his Bible day and night.
  5. A Christian rarely fasts, a born again Christian is always fasting.
  6. A Christian can barely say the Lord’s prayer, a born again Christian can pray for long on any issue.
  7. A Christian is always looking for prayer points or who to pray for him, a born again Christian is a generator of prayers.
  8. A Christian can only pray in his understanding, a born again Christian can pray both in understanding and in the spirit.
  9. Most Christians only know the first verses of Psalms 23 and 121; a born again Christian can quote several scriptures.
  10. A Christian still keeps worldly friends, attend weird parties, drinks alcoholics, smokes, and indulges in sexual sins, but a born again Christian does not drink or smoke, chaste, faithful to his wife, and rarely socializes.
  11. A Christian is tied to church doctrines even when they are contrary to the Bible, a born again Christian believes in the scriptures and rejects church doctrines when they are contrary to the Bible.
  12. A Christian still practices the traditions of his ancestors, a born again Christian reject any tradition that is contrary to the Bible.
  13. A Christian exposes her body and makes up excessively like a Jezebel; a born again Christian dresses up for glory and beauty, covers her body, and is natural.
  14. A Christian finds it difficult to support the gospel financially, a born again Christian gives sacrificially to the gospel.
  15. A Christian watches action, adventurous, worldly films and listens to romantic music, a born again Christian censors what he ears, watches, or see. His standard is what will Jesus say, ear, or watch?
  16. A Christian belongs to the new school interested only in motivational, inspirational, and prosperity messages, a born again Christian is more excited to hear salvation messages.
  17. A Christian is a soul waiting to be won for Christ, a born again Christian is a soul winner.
  18. A Christian participates in any discussions including filthy conversations, a born again Christian walks away from evil communication.
  19. A Christian is focused on riches and pleasures of the world- how to become the next millionaire, a born again Christian is focused on heaven- how to win souls and make heaven.
  20. A Christian sees the opposite sex as a potential sexual partner, a born again Christian looks for the way to share the gospel with anyone he meets.

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