Bible: How to overcome evil communications

Bible: How to overcome evil communications

Posted on April 17, 2019

Evil communication corrupt good manners

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Reference Text: 1 Corinthians 15:33, ‘Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners.

What is communication?

Communication is the receiving of any message through any channel of communication e.g. radio, television, internet etc.

What is evil communication?

  1. Evil communication is dissemination of information that does not promote what is right.
  2. Evil communication is the information that is anti-christ.
  3. Evil communication is the information that promotes idolatry, wickedness, ungodliness and Satanism.
  4. Evil communication is the information that leads to sin
  5. Evil communication is the information that destroys or harms another person.

Examples of evil communication

  1. Watching pornography
  2. Telling lies
  3. Listening/watching/hearing/saying anything that does not promote godliness.
  4. Gossiping (unproductive gossip and malice).
  5. Indecent conversation
  6. False swearing
  7. Sexual jokes

How to avoid evil communications

  1. Walk away from any gathering where they are having ungodly conversion.
  2. Don’t visit places such as beer parlours, pubs, night clubs etc.
  3. Don’t watch movies/films that promote evil communications.
  4. Don’t read books, magazines, newspapers where you are likely to see or hear evil communication.
  5. Watch what you see or hear.
  6. Keep good company.


  1. In this age of social media, don’t visit any website that contains improper or ungodly information.
  2. Cut off from friends or anyone that may lead you to evil communication.
  3. Don’t download information, pictures, videos that portrays ungodliness on your phone, laptops, movies etc.

Prayer points

Holy Spirit censor my ears and eyes in Jesus name.

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