Divine healing is an everyday phenomenon - Raising Zion

Divine healing is not only for when you fall sick. It needs to be a daily experience because it is for your mind and heart as well.

Divine healing is necessary for when you are confused or lost. It is necessary to win over suicidal thoughts and divisive thinking.

Divine healing is necessary to overcome self condemnation, depression, fleshly feelings of all kinds.

Jesus walked in divine healing. Can we walk in divine healing i.e. in perfect health of spirit, soul and body? It is God’s promise (Exodus 15:26).


  • Elisha the mighty prophet died in sickness.
  • Paul the mighty apostle, had a sickness in his body.
  • We too have various issues physically.

Then how is it divine healing?

The fact that we are alive and pursuing God’s will daily is divine healing working in us. We don’t acknowledge the great mercy and grace of God working in us daily. God chose the unworthy to glorify Himself. We are facing evil everyday but don’t realise it because Jesus is protecting us.

How we die, physically, is not important. It is necessary we fulfil God’s will in our lives, staying faithful till the end. Elisha, Paul and all who die in faith, end well.

Daily study of the word of God, and prayer life, keeps us in the divine healing experience

Break free from traditional understanding of divine healing. God’s word heals. His Spirit heals. When we walk acknowledging His word in our life the Spirit revives our inner man to live joyfully.

The word of God is necessary from childhood. Even more today because of access to information at an early age. When we teach our children to trust in Jesus, their personal encounter with God over time, sustains them, helping them overcome mental health issues.

Pray. Study. Teach. Let the word of God clean.

Divine healing is ever-present in the presence of God. Stay in God’s presence. Maranatha, Praise God and Amen!