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    Divorce Recovery Resources

    Topics include Anxiety after Divorce, What the Bible Says About Divorce, Forgiveness, Personal Divorce & Faith Stories, Meditations and Encouragement after Divorce, Divorce Recovery, Divorce Financial Advice, Dating Again, Being Single, and Self Care.For short reads on these topics, I’ve included links to some of my own blog posts. ​Blessings on your healing journey, P.S. ​Your comments are welcome on this blog. After sharing some of those experiences in her upcoming memoir, God, the Devil, and Divorce, she's heard many stories of divorced Christians who have struggled with the same issues. This blog invites divorced Christians to tell their stories with the goal of encouraging churches to resist condemnation and become a source of healing and grace.​ ​Do you have a divorce experience to share?

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    Divorce Recovery Book

    Divorce can be the best choice in those situations.No matter what the reason for divorce, even if we aren’t overtly shunned like my mom was, we often hear hurtful responses with a spiritual ring to them: God can heal your marriage; just pray in faith. This repair becomes part of the history of the piece, which enhances rather than diminishes its beauty.​No matter how the church responds or what people say, no matter what trauma we have experienced, no matter what we have done to contribute to our broken marriage, God is willing and able to heal. Guest Author ​​​Connect with Rebecca at rebeccamitchellauthor.com Facebook@AuthorRebeccaMitchell Instagram: newrebeccam book link: From Broken Vows to Healed Hearts I highly recommend Rebecca's book for Christian women who are finding their way after divorce.​Blessings, Do you have a divorce experience to share?

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    Divorce recovery help

    Through the years, Sonia has supported domestic violence survivors as an advocate, speaker and empowerment trainer.Sonia's website for more information and to sign up for her newsletter: https://www.soniafrontera.com Relationship Solutions: Effective Strategies to Heal Your Heart and Create the Happiness You Deserve (The Sister's Guides to Empowered Living Book 3) Sonia’s book is a clear-eyed look at what holds a marriage together and what tears it apart. She's taught college and university composition; is a popular speaker at service organizations, women's retreats, writers conferences, and press conventions; and she conducts workshops on all aspects of creative and professional writing.Brenda's website and to sign up for her newsletter: https://brendawilbee.com Taming the Dragons: Choices for Women in Conflict and Pain Dealing with huge personal problems such as divorce demands us to draw on all the courage and faith we can muster. I wrote this memoir to help other Christian women who are going through divorce. Linda's blog and to sign up for her newsletter: https://www.lindamkurth.com/divorce-healing-blog​ ​Email Linda: linda@lindamkurth.com God, the Devil, and Divorce: A Transformative Journey out ofEmotional and Spiritual Abuse After more than 20 years of marriage, Linda is shaken when her pastor/counselor suggests her husband is a “crazymaker.” This news opens her eyes to the emotional abuse that has been going on for years.

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    Tips for Divorce Recovery

    For example, one friend showed up to help pack for my move but ended up walking and talking with me instead, because that’s what I needed most at that moment.My cousins rallied around me and helped me move.Friends called me once a week, invited me to movies, and listened when I needed a compassionate ear. I stretched myself, trying things I hadn’t previously thought I was capable of doing.I bought my own place for the first time, making all the necessary decisions myself.Upon receiving the keys to my townhouse, I claimed ownership and responsibility for it from top to bottom as I straddled the rafters in the attic and became covered in spider webs and insulation in the crawlspace.I tackled household repairs that once were my husband’s purview. I decided not to date for a year after the divorce.I knew I had to heal before I could be ready for a healthy relationship.I was lonely and would have loved to have been in a good man’s arms, but I didn’t trust my discernment.Rushing into a new relationship would have been a big mistake.This turned out to be one of the best decisions I made during my recovery.

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    Healing the Emotions

    “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at …

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    Healing Your Heart When It’s Been Rubbed Raw

    Three weeks ago, I wrote about forgiveness. Let’s go there one more time and see how we’re doing.One day I received an e-mail from a woman who was still bitter over a statement her husband made to her cousin ten years ago. She and her husband were preparing to celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary, and she was dreading it because of his careless words a decade before. She wrote, “Please pray that God mends this title [sic] piece of my heart that has fallen to the ground.”