Job and the Problem of Suffering – A Review

The review of Job and the Problem of Suffering was written by Deborah L. Haist, a new subscriber to my blog. Deborah is active in her church and loves to study the Bible. I invited Debi to offer her reaction to the content of the book. Below is her review of the book.

Job and the Problem of Suffering
A Review by Deborah L. Haist

I am introduced by my daughter as the “church mom.” I am just an average person who wants to give her two cents on this book about Job. What did I think about this book? An average person could easily read, see, feel, and learn more about the book of Job here.

It is eye opening to come into the plight and person of Job and his friends. It is also startling to look at the problem of suffering, the work of the “satan” in the life of Job, and becoming acquainted with a new perspective on the character of God as presented in the book. You don’t have to be a great scholar to read this book, but you will benefit from a great scholar by reading it.

The book of Job is long and sometimes considered a boring book. Job is brought alive and thoroughly explained in this book. I love reading and studying and learning about our great God, Bible stories, and biblical characters. I totally enjoyed the book; there’s so much more to it! A wonderful gift, which, by the way, had no influence on my review.

What did I learn from this book? A much better understanding of the book of Job. I also learned new truths and a well researched, relatable, personal, and spiritual account of Job, his friends, and God’s character. Suffering makes you examine, read, and study to seek God’s answers when understanding is not easily available.

Dig deeper and you will discover what Job was feeling, his severe pain, how his faith was challenged, and how his friends tried to help by accusing him more. We will discover that Job needed compassion as we all do, not so much advice. We will also discover how “satan” works in destruction.

I learned to see more clearly through the problem of suffering. Dr. Mariottini presents four reasons we suffer, four ways to lament, and five ways God restored Job. He brings us into Job’s plight with full biblical references.

I understand Job and his friends better. I am more humbled by my great God! This is a very thorough and insightful read. I also loved it when the retribution and retributive God is knocked out of the ballpark.

I loved the changes in Job’s heart that occurred after the whirlwind of God’s presence and his words were spoken. The book defines what God’s character truly is, how he works in the world, and who God is to us. “Our world is not a risk-free world.” Job’s response of trust in God and dependence on God is so important. “How God is always present through it all with us!” So much to learn!

Why should people read this book? When reading this book, you will experience God’s presence. It’s a good study, sound teaching, and a great explanation of the book of Job in plain language. You will see Job and his friends more thoroughly. You will understand more about suffering. “May the Lord lift up his face upon you!”

We all need to learn about Job’s prayer for his friends and the importance of a restored relationship with Yahweh. Dr. Mariottini gives several reasons why God allows suffering. There are times we don’t understand why people suffer. At this time people must learn to wait and learn how to trust and depend on God.

“Lord, I trust you.” Know that God is with you all along. This book will restore your faith if you have given up on God because of your suffering! You will want to explore and read the book to discover the reasons your faith will be restored.

I loved and learned so much from this book.


Debi Haist

(The church mom who loves our God and longs for more teachers who will give us a better understanding of God’s Word! Thank you, Dr. Claude F. Mariottini).

I would like to thank Debi for her willingness to review the book. If you have read Job and the Problem of Suffering and want to write your own review, email me at

Claude Mariottini
Emeritus Professor of Old Testament
Northern Baptist Seminary



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