One Word Update: Common Phrases with the Word Rest

one wordI have been working through Lisa Hite’s 40 Day One Word Lenten Challenge – although I’m behind.  I didn’t find it and start in time for Lent.  But my guess is God will honor it and teach me through it regardless of which 40 days I observe.  Anyway, I am learning so much.

In case you aren’t familiar, my “one word” is the word I feel led by God to focus on for this year.  I chose “rest” which ties in to “trust” that was my first ever word focus last year.

Day 4 of the challenge asked us to make a list common phrases that include our one word.

  1.  eternal rest
  2. rest in peace
  3. rest on your laurels
  4. the rest of the story
  5. rest assured
  6. at rest
  7. God rest his soul
  8. I rest my case
  9. God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman (more of a title than a phrase)
  10. lay to rest
  11. no rest for the weary
  12. the rest is history
  13. R&R (rest and relaxation)
  14. RICE (an acronym for treatment of an injury – rest, ice, compression, elevation)
  15. the rest of my life

Some of these phrases don’t really apply since they mean “the remainder”.   A few relate to my focus for 2022 with the general idea of cessation of work, movement or striving; such as “R&R”, “RICE”, “rest assured” and even “I rest my case”.  But what stuck out to me like a neon sign?  A full 1/3 of the phrases I came up with refer to death!

I think many people subscribe to the “you can rest when you die” mentality.  Go big, go hard, chase the dream/ money/ adventure, etc.  Nothing wrong with hard word or even hard play.  But without rest built into our schedule, we will eventually burn out or find eternal rest entirely too early.

Not because the Almighty God couldn’t keep going, but because He knew we needed the example so we would rest.  Our bodies need rest, but our mind and emotions need it too.

Why “Rest” Is My One Word

I feel called to shoot straight here.  And I can without judgement because I’m talking to myself as well.  If there is an area of your life in which you feel you cannot rest, I guarantee that you lack trust in God over that same area.  God knew we needed rest for our own physical and emotional well being, but for our spiritual health as well.

True rest means we are trusting God.  We don’t have to work (or worry, etc) 24/7 because God’s working on our behalf.  I realize it’s easier said than done.  Which is why I’m learning about and meditating on rest this year.  Believing I’m ultimately responsible for it all is exhausting.  Trusting that He holds it all in His control frees me to…rest.

“Come to me, all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”  Matthew 11:28

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